When Stephen Teal moved into Fenwick Hall in the 1880s his eldest brother Joseph moved his family into the adjacent Fenwick House and Farm.  Joseph born in 1816 had married Ann Denby in 1840 and lived in Hardisty Hill, Fewston from the 1840s working as a Shoemaker and Grocer.  The couple had eleven children:


- John Teal born 4th February 1840.  He was a farmer, moved to Jack Hill, Norwood, Fewston, married and had a family.  He was the last Teal to remain in the Fewston Parish.  He died in the 1920s.




























John Teal (1840 – 1920s) of Jack Hill, Norwood, Fewston Circa 1910






- George Sylvester Teal born 31st December 1841, died of Consumption 23rd February 1870


- Mary Elizabeth Teal born 19th September 1844 died 10th December 1845


- Elizabeth Teal born 30th January 1847 she married Hills Harrison in 1874 a railway engineer and moved to Hull.


- Mary Teal born 8th March 1849 died 5th October 1880


- Thomas Parkinson Teal born 5th June 1851.  More details are listed below.


-          Stephen Teal born in 1853 died 17th February 1890.  He married Isabell Pullan in 1880 at Darce Chapel and had a daughter Mary E Teal in 1882, and a son William Teal in 1889.  William was killed in France in the First World War.






























Text Box: William Teal (1889 – 1916).  From Book ‘Residents of Harrogate killed in the Great War’






- Joseph William Teal born 9th November 1855 died of consumption 26th December 1869


- Abraham Teal born 16th November 1858.  More details are listed below.


- Isaac Teal born 15th September 1860 died of consumption 11th November 1869


- Jacob Teal born 19th January 1863 died of consumption 13 November 1869




Memorial Card for the four children of Joseph and Ann Teal who died of consumption in 1869 /70






Joseph was a sick man when he moved into Fenwick House and he died on 14th April 1891 age 75 after an illness lasting 9 years.  His wife Ann died on the 22nd January 1908.  Both are interred in St. John Churchyard, Fenwick.


Fenwick House, Fenwick, 1898

Unknown Teal family members outside.

The house was demolished after WW II








Memorial Card for Joseph Teal who died in 1891









Ann Teal (nee Denby) 1820 – 1908. Husband of Joseph Teal. Circa 1875


Ann Teal (nee Denby) 1820 – 1908. Side door of Fenwick House. Circa 1905.







Abraham, Joseph’s youngest surviving son took over the house and farm following his father’s death.  On the 8th June 1893 at the age of 35 he married Annie Maw aged 19 who had been working for him as a house servant.  She had already given birth to his child in the January of 1893 a girl Mary Elizabeth Teal.  The couple had a further six children:


- George William Teal born 11th April 1898.  He married Annie Wrack and had four boys and two girls.  He died in 1989


- John Charles Teal born 6th April 1900.  He married Ethel Bramhill and had three girls and three boys. He died in 1972


- Fred Teal born 17th June 1903. He married Alice Hewitt and had two girls and two boys. He died in 1989


- Mary Teal born 21st March 1905.  She married Harold Barrass and had three boys.  She died in 1961.


- Joseph Teal.  He married Vera Brown and had four girls.


- Percival Teal .  He married Margaret Robson and had three boys.





Abraham Teal of Fenwick House 1858 – 1930. . Circa 1890


Ann Teal (nee Maw) 1874 – 1968. Husband of Abraham Teal. Circa 1910






Abraham died on the 15th September 1930 and was interred in St. John Churchyard, Fenwick.  His wife Ann died in 1968




Memorial Card for Abraham Teal of Fenwick House 1858 – 1930






Thomas Parkinson Teal was Joseph and Ann Teal’s third surviving son.  He was born in the Hardisty Hill area of Fewston on the 5th June 1851 and baptised at Fewston Church.  He initially moved with his mother and father to Fenwick around the mid 1880s.  On 23rd February 1886 he married Sarah Ann Newbould of Appletreewick, Burnsall, likely met through his uncle Stephen Teal who had lived in that area.  Their first child William was born within a month at Appletreewick, however they moved shortly afterwards living in various places throughout Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.  Thomas worked as a tenant farmer later setting up in Sheffield as a grocer and general dealer.  He had at least seven children.


























Left : William Teal 1886 – 1962

Right : Joseph Teal 1887 - 1948






- William born 28th March 1886 at Appletreewick.  He married Emma Taylor in 1913 in Sheffield and had one daughter Bertha.  He worked as a handyman and toolmaker, he died in 1962.


- Joseph born 9th June 1887 in Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire.  He married Annie Mitchell in 1919 in Wath upon Dearne and had one son Kenneth in 1922.  He died in 1948.


-          Winifred Eleanor Teal born 15th August 1889


-          George Archibald (Archie) Teal born in 1891 in Morley near Leeds.  He moved to Birmingham and ran a printing business ‘The Lionel Press’ and a small grocer’s shop.


Business Card for the ‘The Lionel Press’ owned by George Archibald Teal



-          Elsie Ann Teal born around 1897 in Kirk Sandall, she married Sam Worsley and died in 1947 in Sheffield.


-          Amy Teal born 29th June 1900 in Misson, Bawtry.  She worked as a dressmaker in Sheffield marrying a Mr Gannon in the 1930.  She died in 1980


-          Ivy Eleanor Teal born after 1901.  She married a Mr. Scholey.





Above: ‘Teal Stores’ Birmingham Circa 1940, Owner George Archibald Teal stood in doorway









Right: Ivy Eleanor Teal


Front: Amy Teal 1900 – 1980

Back: Elsie Ann Teal 1897 - 1947






Sarah Ann died on the 10th November 1923 and was buried at the Burngreave cemetery in Pitsmoor, Sheffield.  Thomas Parkinson Teal died on the 7th May 1929 and was laid to rest with his wife.



Memorial Card for Sarah Ann Teal wife of Thomas Parkinson Teal









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