Teal DNA Project

DNA is the latest tool in researching your family history. This project will look at Teal(e) family members. I am looking for additional participants. Individuals interested in collaborating on family history and using genetic testing to assist this research effort are encouraged to join.

Requirements: If you are a male with the surname TEAL(e) and are interested in researching your direct paternal line further, you can participate.

This project is using the DNA test that looks at a portion of the DNA called the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is unique to males and can be used to identify one's direct paternal line. For this reason, females cannot contribute directly, but can find a male relative (father, brother, cousin, etc) to be tested as a representative of her line.

Please email me for further details and visit www.relativegenetics.com for details of the test

email me here : chapelcottage@btinternet.com (click here)

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