Fewston Church


  1. A small stone in the south-west corner floor

ivne 29 / MM 17-6 ((1706))

2. A small brass plate on the south wall

A.D.M.G. /The panelling of the Chancel was erected /by the

Parishioners 12th May 1937 / G.R.VI E.R.

3. A chair near the altar

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of/ JOSEPH and EMMA E.

ROBINSON /of Skaife Hall Farm./Presented by the family.

4. A wood board on the south wall

Donations / TIMOTHY ELLIS, late of / Brame Hall, in this parish, Gave /to the Poor of Clifton Hamlet, one / Field at Brame Lane, called Snell / Hole, the Rents and profits to be /dealt yearly for ever./ He likewise gave 24 Pounds into /the hands of the Vicar of Fewston together/ with the Churchwarden and Overseer / of Clifton, the interest thereof yearly / for ever to be applied towards in-/structing Eight Poor Children in the/ English tongue, in such manner/ as is expressed by Writing/ lodged amongst the Records / of this Parish./

5. A written sheet within a wood and glass frame, on the west wall.

Roll 0f Honour /The Great War 1914-1918/ Duty bravely done for God for King for Country. / By the following from this parish and district./ Fewston./ Pte.H.BEECROFT, R.F.A. Spr.W.BEECROFT, R.E. Cpl.D.BEECROFT, East Yorkshire Rgt. Sgt.JCBEECROFT, Grenr.Guards. Lieut.T.BRACEWELL, R.A.F Lieut.H.C.DEMAINE,Duke of Well.Rgt. Pte.W.DEMAINE,Welsh Rgt. Cpl.W.FIRTH, West Yks Rgt. lstMec J.H.GRAVES, R. .A.S. Sgt.G. HELLIWELL,R.A.F Pte. R.LAMB West Yks.Regt. Spr.R.MARSTON,R.E. *Pte.S.H.PENNINGTON, East Yks. Regt. Q.M.S.,A.POPE-M.M.West Yks.Regt /Farnley/ Pte.H.BARNETT, Durham Lt Infy. Sgt.W.BOYCE R.F.A. Pte.H.BOYCE Yorks and Lancs. DrvrJW.COOPER R.F.A. Gunr.G.W.GRANGE R.G.A. Drvr.J.KEIGHLEY R.F.A. Pte.J.LUPTON D.A.C. Pte.H.MARSTON, M.G.G. Bomdr.F.PULLLAN R.F.A. Gunr. G. RUSSELL R.G.A. Pte.F.STEPHENSON Welsh Pioneers. Pte.J.WILSON Duke of Wellington Rgt. / Blubberhouses/ Rflmn. W. DOLPHIN, K.R.R. Pte.W.HAMPER R.A.F. Pte.F.HARDWICK 20th Hussars. Drvr.G.HORSEMAN R.F.A. Drvr.H.MABER W.R.D.A.C. Pte.A MAUD Duke of Well.Rgt. Rflmn.B.MAUD K.R.R. Pte.T.MAUD Queens Inft.Regt. Spr.F.NEWBOULD R.E. Pte.H.POWELL Duke of Well.Regt. Pte.F.POUNDER Notts and Derby. /Norwood/ Drvr.A.BAILEY R.F.A. Pte.E.BARBER West Yorks. Gunr.R.BIDEWELL R.F.A. Pte.T.DRIVER C'stream Guards. Pte.F.GRANGE Northumd.Fuslrs. Pte.F.LORRIMER R.G.A. Sgt.S.MORRELL West Yorks. Cpl.R.PATRICK R.G.A. lst.AM W.PATRICK R.A.F. Pte.F.PEEL West Yorks. Pte. A.RATHMELL Duke of Well.Rgt. Pte.E. RATHWELL Northumd.Fuslrs. Pte.S.ROBINSON West Yorks. Pte.C. SMITH K.O.R.L. Pte.W.STOBBS R.F.A. Gunr.A.E. SPENCE R.G.A. Capt.T. SIMPSON R.F.A. Pte.F. SIMPSON K.O.Y.L.I. Pte.F.T.SIMPSON A.VETY. CORPS. Pte.A.WHITAKER Durham L.Infy. /Snowden/ Pte.A.DIBB West Yks.Rgt Cpl.E.DIBB R.G.A. Drvr.W.DIBB R.G.A. Gunr.A.DALE Divl.Ambl.C'rps. Pte.P.DALE Northd.Fusileers. Drvr.H.DALE R.E. Pte. B MARJERRISON Northd.Fusileers. Pte.F.PROCTOR A.S.C. Gunr.H. PROCTOR Field Artly. B'de. Trooper C.F.RATHMELL Derby're.Yeomy.. Spr.J.T.RATHMELL R.E. Pte.J.A.RATHMELL Machine Gun C'ps. Pte.W .E. T((U))NLEY Tank Corps.

*also Pte.H.PENNINGTON, C'stream Guards.

Timble / Pte.A.DICKENSON Derbyre.Yeomy. Pte.G.W.GILL Yorks and Lancs. Pte.F.LOFTHOUSE K.R.R. L/Cpl.S.MARJERRIS0N R.E. Pte.K. PLOUGHMAN Duke of Well.Rgt. Drvr.M.RAMSDEN W.R.D.A.C. Pte.F. TAYLOR Oxford and Bucks./.Greater love hath no man than this/That a man lay down his life for his friends./.Pte.H.W.ATKINSON North'bld Fuslrs, Norwood. L'cpl.S.C.C.BRAMLEY East Surreys, Blubberhouses/. Sgt.L. BARNETT East Yorks.,Farnley. Pte.W.H.CLAPHAM East Lancs., Norwood. Pte.C.L.CRYER Duke of Yorks.,Farnley. Sgt. F.DRIVER West Yorks.,Norwood. Pte.J.HOBSON K.O.Y.L.I.,Norwood. Pte.P.POWELL K.R.R.,Blubber'ses. Rflm.H.ROBINSON K.R.R,Dob Park. Pte.J. SIMPSON West Yorks.,Norwood. Pte.H.L. WIGGLESWORTH Duke of Wells.Norwood.

C.I.INGHAM. Otley. 1920

6. On stonework in the porch



The following are taken from "The History and Topography of Harrogate and the Forest of Knaresboro'" by William Grainge, published in 1871. I have not found them, nor the brass.

A pew in the chancel has the initials "E.R. :R.T. 1714."

The floor of the chancel has a small brass inscribed "Here lieth the body of the Revd.Mr.WILLIAM CARMALT, late Vicar of Fewston who departed this life the 3rd day of November in the year 1735."


In 1979 from the first page of an old Bible on the pulpit. the following details were recorded.

HUMPHRY and HARRIOT WATSON parents of the children undermentioned :-

/ ANNE WATSON was born on Saturday 29th March 1817, baptized 20th April/ ELIZABETH WATSON was born on Sunday 7th June 1818, baptized 28th June./ HARRIOT HARRIS WATSON was born on Sunday 13th Feb.182O. baptized 5th March,/died October l6th'50./ HENRY HARRIS WATSON was born on Wednesday 21st March 1821, baptized 8th April./ ROBERT WATSON was born on Thursday 21st November 1822 baptized 22nd Decr./ GEORGE HARRIS WATSON was born on Saturday night 19th June 1824 baptized 22nd July./ MARIA WATSON was born on Wednesday 29th March 1826 baptized 23rd April./ WALTER WATSON was born on Saturday 2nd February 1828 baptized 21st February./ CAROLINE WATSON was born on Monday 15th February 1830 baptized 7th March./ THOMAS WATSON was born on Thursday 2nd August 1832 baptized 11th September, died 10th October 1837./ SARAH HARRIS WATSON was born on Sunday 24th August 1834 baptized 9th September./ Intended HUMPHRY still born 1838.

Fewston Churchyard

1 / H / 24 1/2

Ilmo/ HENRY PENNINGTON /of Fewston/ wd April 24th 1883/a.56 yrs./ Also of/ WILLIAM THOMAS PENNINGTON /son ota/ of Arthington Mills / wd June 21st 1882/a.31 yrs/ Severed only "Till he come"/ Also of/ FRANCES /wife otan/ HENRY PENNINIGT0N /wd May 5th 1891/a.66 yrs./ "Until the day break/ and the shadows flee away"/.


2 / H / 25

I/m/o/ SARAH /wife of JAMES WHITAKER /of Addingham/ wd May 4th 1844 /a.27 yrs/


3 / H /37 1/4

S/ttmo/ JOHN son of J0HN and MARTHA SCATCHARD /of Felliscliffe; he dtl /the 22nd of April 1830 in the 51st year/ of his age./Afflictions sore long time he bore/Physicians were in vain/Till God above out of his love/ Did set him free from pain./Also JOHN SCATCHARD father / otan wd/December 19th 1842 a.88 yrs./ Also MARTHA his wife w/d December 4th 1841/ a.8l yrs./


4 / H / 36 stone has been moved(?), inscription is upside-down, facing and leaning against a loose stone wall. Dangerous to investigate.


5 / H / 39 3/4

S/ttmo/ MARTHA daughter of WILLIAM and MARY DARNBR0UGH of Felliscliffe /wdtl November l9th/1835 a.22 yrs./Farewell ye loving friends most dear/ remember you must shortly meet me here/in bloom of life you see that we must part/ Ah fix this awfull subject on your heart/ Parents and friends I pray forbear to weep/live so that we again in/ heaven may meet./Also of HANNAH daughter ot/a WILLIAM and MARY DARNBROUGH / wd in her infancy./


6 / H / 37

Imo/ JOSEPH HOLMES late of Timble/Great wd April 28th 1840/a.86 yrs./ Also RUTH HOLMES his wife /she died July 15th 1839/a.81 yrs./ In sure and stedfast hope to rise/ and claim his mansion in the skies/ A Christian here his flesh laid down/ the cross exchanging for a crown./



7 / H / 27

Iaro/ DAVID HOLMES /of Felliscliffe /wdtl/ May 28th 1895 /in the 51st year of his age./ "I am the resurrection and/ the life he that believeth in me /though he were dead yet shall he live. St.John xi.25 /


8 / H / 30 1/2 First line is around the top of the stone

Iaro/ MARY / the beloved wife of JOHN HOLMES /of Swinsty /wd May 11th 187-((1876)) /a.7- ((70)) yrs./ Also JOHN husband ota/n MARY HOLMES wd/ July 1- ((13))) 1877 a.7- ((75)) yrs./ Also JOSEPH son ota/n wd May 11th 1876 /a.((38?)) yrs./ G.PALEY. Otley.


9 / H / 39 1/2

Imo/ CHRISTIANA /wife of JOHN WARD of Swinsty w/d Novr.6th 1841 a.55 yrs./ Also otafs JOHN WARD /wd Dec. 19th 1844 /a.65 yrs./ Also of CHRISTIANA their daughter /wd Novr.15th 1851 /a.26 yrs./


10 / H / 29 1/2 Has a small engraved crown.

The dead in Christ shall rise first/Iaro/the late/WILLIAM HOLMES/ of Timble Great/wdtl August l6 1848/a.49 yrs/ Also of SUSANNAH wife ota/wdtl Dec.l7th/1874 a.67 yrs/ Also of MARY daughter ota/ wdtl Febry.2Oth/1841 a.8 yrs/ Also of CHRISLIANA daughter of/ta wdtl/ May 15th 1849/ a.13 months./

G.PALEY, Otley.


11 / Cross on three tiers / 46 high from base.

IHS/i/lm/o/ MARY/infant daughter of / CHARLES & MARY HOLMES/of Swinsty/born & died May 14th 1887./


12 / H / 32

Erected/ttmo/ JANE MYERS ROBINSON /daughter of ROBERT and ANN ROBINSON / of Norwood in the parish of Fewston/wd January 1st 1851/a.22 yrs/ Also of / MILES ROBINSON/brother ota/wd July 9th 1855 a.29/ Also of/ SARAH EMSLEY / sister ota/wd January 29th 1860 a.22 /Also of HARDCASTLE R0BINSON a.5 /and MYERS ROBINSON a.3 / brothers of the above./ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/.


13 / H / 38 1/2

Imo/ THOMAS KIDSON of Timble Great/wd December 11th 1852/a.77 yrs/ Happy soul thy days are ended/All thy mourning days below/ Also ELIZABETH wife of /THOMAS KIDSON and daughter/of the late GEORGE and/ ELlZABETH TEAL of White/Cragg wd Jany.2nd 1858/ a.75 yrs./ My flesh shall slumber in the ground/till the last trumpets joyful sound/then burst the chains with sweet surprise/and in my Savour's image rise./


14 / H / 37

Erected/t/tm/o/ JOHN and CHARLES / DICKINSON sons of CHARLES/and JANE DICKINSON/of Swinsty./ JOHH died Jany.24th 1845 a.4 yrs/ CHARLES died in infancy/ Also of BOLLAND the much lamented son of CHARLES and JANE DICKINSON of the/ same place. He dt/l Jany.2Oth 1865 a.17 yrs./


15 / H / 38 Has small figure stood next to clock face, time at eleven.

Imo/MARY SWALE/niece of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH/HUTTON of Brame Lane/ She died December 5th 1839 / a.42 yrs./ Also of ELIZABETH wife/of WILLIAM HUTTON of/Brame lane. She died/February 14th 1846 /a.69 yrs/ Also the said WILLIAM HUTTON wd June 24th/ 1856 a.79/


16 / H / Granite / 26

Ilm/o/BETTY/wife of GILBERSON DARNBROOK/of Norwood/wd February 10th 1892 /a.67 yrs/ "Thy will be done"/ Also tan GILBERSON DARNBROOK/ wd February 16th 1908 /a.86 yrs./


17 / H / 34

In beloved remembrance/of/JOSEPH ELLIS/ son of JOSEPH and/JANE DARNBROOK of/Norwood wd/Oct.8th 1869 a.14 yrs/ A father's hope a mother's joy/was centered in this gem;/but heaven adopted their sweet boy/and took him hence from them/.



18 / H / Granite/ 26

I/lm/o/ JOSEPH DARNBROOK / of Pontefract Lane Leeds/born September 24th 1823 /died June 3rd 1891 / Also of/JANE/ wife ota/born September 5th 1826/ died June 29th 1896/"Thy will be done"/


19 / Obelisk-headstone / 23 has acorns & leaves.

S/ttmo/HANNAH wife of GEORGE/HOLMES of Norwood/wd April 21st 1842 / a.29 yrs/ My work is well done./ Also MARTHA daughter of the/above /wd March 15th 1859/a.25 yrs./Be of good cheer thy sins is forgiven.


20 / H / 31 1/2

Imo/JOHN DICKINSON/ of Timble Great w/d August 18th 1875/a.63 yrs/ "In the midst of life we are in death"/ Also /of MARY relict /ota/n JOHN DICKINSON/wd 6th March 1886/a.66 yrs./


21 / H / 29 1/2

S/ttmo/JOSEPH WILSON/of Fewston he died Jan/4th 1871 a.25 yrs./


22 / H / 30 Has engraving of three books.

I/ar/o/ ANN /wife of RALPH WILSON/Fewston/wd Oct.l4th 1870 /a.61 yrs/ Also RALPH WILSON /wd April 29th 1881/a.78 yrs./


23 / H / 25 1/4 Has a small carving of a sitting child.

Near this stone rests/the body of JOSEPH SWALE /the beloved son of/ GILBERSON and BETTY /DARNBROOK of Norwood/wdtl/February 29th 1864 a./ 1 year and 10 months/ He drooped like a flower/which is nipped in the bud/ he took the repose/of the gentle and good/we kiss'd him he left us/our tears they flow'd down/we long for the beautiful/ land where he's gone/The love that we bore him/Shall dwell in our breast/Till we meet him again/In the realms of the blest.


24 / H / 39 Has an engraved crown.

Here/resteth in joyfull hopes/of the resurrection to/eternal life SARAH/DARNBROOK youngest/daughter of JOSEPH &/ MARY DARNBROOK of/ Norwood wd/tl May 26th 1854 /in the 23rd yr of her/age/. We cannot Lord thy purpose see/But all is well thats done by thee./ Also BENTLEY DARNBROOK of/Otley late of Norwood son of/tan JOSEPH/ DARNBROOK he dtl/ Novr.lst 1862 a.26 yrs./


25 / H / 28

Iar/o/ JOSEPH DARNBROOK /Otley/late of Norwood/wdt/l March 7th 1869 in the/ 78th yr of his age/ Also MARY his/beloved wife wd Sepr./ 7th 1870 in the 78th yr/of her age./Mourn not for us nor sorrow take/But love each other for our sake./


26 / H / 38

S/ttmo/ JOSEPH PATTERSON /late of Timble Great/wd March 10th 1860/a.82 ys/ Also CHRISTIANA /wife otafs w/d Octr.23rd 1854 /a.66 yrs/ For eighty years he lived a toilsome life/Honest and careful both himself & wife/And though on earth his hard-won riches lie/ We trust he has far greater in the sky/For Penitence and Patience mark'd his later days./ Jesus-((his)) ( )-hope his ((mercy)) ( )ll /his praise.


27 / H / 30

Imo/THOMAS PATTERSON/ late of Fewston wd at / Armley / January 31st 1865/ a.79 yrs/


28 / H / 32 Engraving top centre of three books, middle one open

He giveth his beloved sleep,/Sttmo/ HENRY LISTER of Timble Little / he died Jan.l9th 1871/a.49 yrs/Also MARY his wife/died March 8th 1889/a.61 yrs./ Also two of their children/ JOSEPH died April 27th 1867 / a.5 yrs./ And of MARY ANN died/February 13th 1877 /a.20 yrs/


29 / H / 30

Iaro/Ihs/MATTHEW NEWALL /of Fewston/wd October 5th 1890 /a.64 yrs/ Also of/MARY wife ota/wd April 16th 1893 /a.66 yrs/ Also of/ ISAAC UMPLEBY / of Meagill, Fewston/brother of tan MARY /wd September 22nd 1895/a.56 yrs./ G.((?C)) PETTY.


30 / Headstone-obelisk / Granite/ Inscr. is on headstone Scroll/ 24 3/4

S/ttmo/RICHARD GILL/of Norwood/wd May 18th 1883/a.78 yrs/ Also MARIA his wife/wd August 1st 1876/a.70 yrs/ Likewise one son and two daughters/ viz. / MARIA died Octr.27th 1852 /a. 14 yrs/ JOHN died Novr.22nd 1854/a.25 yrs/ MARTHA RAYNER/ died March 11th 1881/ a.32 yrs/ "Thy will be done"./



31 / Obelisk / Granite / approx.19 wide, 114 high, with a shrouded urn on top. Plot has low iron railings.

I/lmo/RICHARD GILL/ of Brameville House/Norwood/.Born January 3rd 1843/died February 11th 1884/ "In the midst of life/we are in death" /Also/GRACE HUTTON/ widow ota/& wife of THOMAS HUTTON/ Fairfield, Huby./died April 3rd 1921/in her 74 yr/"At rest"/


32 / H / 28 badly eroded

I/lm/o/ SARAH GILL /wd ( ) ((November)) ((13 or 15)) 1889/ a.((31)) years./


33 / H / 29

Imo/WILLIAM BRAMLEY/of Swinsty Hall/wd Decr.5th 1863/a.61 yrs/Also/ RICHARD ROBINSON/of Swinsty Hall/wd Sept.22nd 1865/a.80 yrs/Also/ HANNAH BRAMLEY/of Swinsty Hall/wife and daughter ota/wd October 18th 1876/a.64 yrs/ Forbear dear friends to mourn and weep/ Wile sweetly in the dust we sleep/ We have left this toilsome world behind/A crown of glory for to find/


34 / Obelisk / approx.15 square, 98 high; shrouded urn on the top.

Ilr/o/GEORGE LISTER/ of Timble Great/in this parish, yeoman./Born February 16th 1816/died July 19th 1882/Interred in this vault/ Also ANN/widow ota/born March 28th 1820/died May 29th 1897./ ((On a metal plate below is the following))

Interred at/Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford/ in consequence of an-order dated/July 30th 1896, issued from the Home Office/closing Fewston Churchyard for burials/and the previous omission of the churchyard authorities/to protect this vault from its operation./

(E.WALKER , Wortley.)


35 / H / 25

I/lm/o/ DANIEL FOX/late of Fewston/wd March 19th 1884/a.33 yrs/ From pain and weariness to rest/God in his mercy called him home/ To lie upon his saviour's breast/Where wasting death can never come.


36 / H / 32 1/4

I/m/o/ SABRINA wife of ANTHONY THORNTON/of Dob Park in the parish of Weston/wd June 8th 1864 / a.75 yrs/ W.MASTON, Otley.


37 / H / 31 has a low iron rail

Imo/WILLIAM MORGAN/wd April 15th 1875/a.50 yrs/I left my home but little thought my race was nearly run/Ah life from me departed before my days work was done./ So farewell, sorrow, grief and fear/ Farewell wife, children, and friends all dear/Christ has called me to his breast/to enjoy eternal rest./


38 / H / 31 1/2

Iaro/JOHN UMPLEBY/of Meagill in this parish/wd July 24th 1883/a.50 yrs/ A man of few words and sterling/integrity, he was born at the/farm on which he spent an/industrious life in respect for/ whose character this stone is/placed by his landlord:- / JAMES HARTLEY, Esqur. /The Echo, Ilkley./Also of/ANN sister ota/wd November 17th 1887/a.64 yrs/ Also of LUKE brother ota/wd July 14th 1891 /a.66 yrs./

TILLOTSON, Kildwick.


39 / H / Average 23. tapering in a curve to apex.

I/lm/o/ELLEN/wife of/JOHN HUGHES/bonn May 7th 1850/ died June 29th 1878./


40 / H /25 1/2 but wider at top & bottom. Ihs carved at the top.

Ilmo/GEORGE ALBERT/infant son of /SAMUEL and ALICE MARY KIRK/of Leeds/Born December 10th 1880/died at Timble Great June 21st 1882/"He will for ever shine"./ D.PETTY


41 / H /27 1/4 but top & bottom wider. Fallen, inscr.face down.

Recorded in 1985; re-erected 1985.

Ilmo/ JOSEPH THACKRAY / of Sowerby Farm, Timble Great/ died July 10th 1896 / in his 74th yr./ Also of his wife HANNAH daughter of /the late RICHARD & HANNAH / TIPLADY of Leathley/ who is interred there/ died May 12th 1894 / in her 58th yr./ Gone but not forgotten.


42 / H / 29 top centre has carved small branches with fir cones.

Imo/MARY/daughter of JOHN & MARGARET/SMITH of Westend wd/1-Jany. 1840 a.13 yrs/ Also MARGARET wife ot/an JOHN SMITH/wd 25th Jany. 1872/a.68 yrs/ Also MARGARET SMITH/ daughter ota w/d 11th Decr. 1872/a.33 yrs/In prime of life I was cut down/No longer could I stay;/Because it was my saviour's will/To call me hence away./


43 / H / 30 and tapering

Iaro/ ROBERT N.A.LAMB /of Havarah Park/ wd October 4th 1891 /a.69 yrs/ Also ALFRED LAMB / son ota/wd at Fewston Feb.3rd 1873 /a.2 yrs/ C.PETTY


44 / H / 39 1/2

S/ttmo/ WILLIAM the infant son/of WILLIAM and HANNAH JACKSON/of Leeds wd August 11th 1846/a.14 weeks/ Also of tan/WILLIAM JACKSON/ wd January 29th 1855/a.42 yrs/ Also of HANNAH /wife otan/wd October 24th 1855/a.41 yrs/"Thy will be done."/


45 / Chest / top is 38 1/2 x 8O 1/2 & height is 38

Imo/ THOMAS PARKINSON /of Cragg-Hall, Fewston/wd March 1st 1846/a.63 yrs/ He died regretted and much/respected by all who knew him./Also HANNAH PARKlNSON/wife otan THOMAS/PARKINSON she died at Otley /January 7th 1863 A.D./a.55 yrs/. J((OH))N PETTY


46 / Chest / top is 78 1/2 x 40 & height is 31

Imo/ JOHN HOLMES /late of Hardisty Hill & many years/Supervisor of Excise/Scarborough;/wdtl the/l9th day of April 1839/a.64 yrs/Also of/ HANNAH HOLMES /wife of /tan JOHN HOLMES &/daughter of THOMAS PARKINSON of/Cragg Hall .She died at Halifax/December 30th 1869 A.D./a.88 yrs./


47 / H / 37 1/4

Imo/the late HANNAH KAY daughter of/ ROBERT and HANNAH KAY of Fewston/wdtl May 8th 1810/a.18 yrs/ Also STEPHEN KAY their son who de/parted this life July 19th 1810 a./9 months/ Also HANNAH KAY moter ot/a wdtl/April 8th 1847 a.80 yrs/ Here peaceful, rests beyond the storms of life/A tender mother and a faithful wife;/ And though her form is mouldering in the dust;/Her soul made pure is numbered with the just./


48 / H / 38 1/4 Has carved fronds, & in small letters John at top left, & Petyt at top right.

S/ttmo/ ROBERT KAY /late of Harrogate. Formerly /of Fewston, w/d October 31st 1848/a.84 yrs/ A sinner saved by grace./ ((JOHN PETYT))


49 / Table / is on three stone blocks. Top is 72 x 36 1/2 and 21 from the ground.

Here lieth the body of/ CHARLES BAXTER of Meagill/wdtl/the 30th day of December/Anno Domini 1775 in/the 85th year of his Age./ Go home my friends and shed no tears/I must lie here till Christ appears/And at his coming hope to have/A joyful rising from the grave./ Also here lie the mortal remains / of his cousin ANN UMPLEBY wife/of LUKE UMPLEBY of Meagill w/dtl June 22nd 1828 a.76 yrs/ Likewise tan LUKE / UMPLEBY wdtl/July 25th 1852 in the 95th yr of/his age./


50 / H / 37 1/4 Has carved, two birds standing facing each other.

S/ttmo/ MARY ANN HUNT /the much beloved grandaughter of WILLIAM and ELI((ZAB))ETH PETTY /of Denton in ((the parish)) of Otley:/ She died ((J))( ) 1833 /in the 7th year ((of her)) age./ Grieve not dear friends ( ) am free frcm pain/In bud of youth I died to live again./My race was short the longer is my rest./ God only wise directs all things the best./ Also of JANE HUNT mother of/ the above wd Jan.15th 1878 /a.80 yrs./


51 / Chest / top is 77 3/4 x 39 and height is 33 1/2

Im/o/ THOMAS WARD of Fewston/He died March 3rd 1802/a.74 yrs/ Also of MARY his wife/She died September 4th 1797/a.68 yrs/ A loving father lieth here/A tender mother friends sincere/They liv'd in love in peace they died/Crav'd were their lives but God deny'd./ Likewise JOSEPH son ota/n THOMAS and MARY WARD /wd April 23rd 1821 /a.56 yrs/ Also THOMAS WARD of Hopper Lane/son ota THOMAS and MARY / WARD wd March 11th 1823/a.71 yrs/ Also ELIZABETH relict of the last named THOMAS WARD of/Hopper Lane. She died May 9th 1854/a.77 yrs/ Also JOSEPH son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH/WARD. He died at Liverpool Feby.14th 1883/a.64 yrs./


52 / H / 38 3/4 Has carved drapes top & sides, & an open book resting on a cross.

Near this stone/are interr'd the remains of/ MICHAEL WARD of Hopper Lane/wd January 13th 1835/a.74 yrs/ Also the remains of his sister/MARY WARD of the same place/she died April 21st 1835/a.68 yrs/ Also the remains of MARY/ELIZABETH daughter of the late THOMAS and ELIZABETH/WARD of Hopper Lane. She/died January 21st 1858/ a.41 yrs/ Also the remains of THOMAS/son of the late THOMAS and/ ELIZABETH WARD of Hopper/Lane he died Jany.27th 1886/a.73 yrs/



53 / H / 37

Imo/ WILLIAM WARD/late of Scow Hall in this parish/wdtl April 30th /1822 a.59 yrs/ Also of ELIZABETH wife o/tan WILLIAM WARD/wd March 13th 1839/a.73 yrs/ Also of SARAH/wife of MILES ROBINSON/ of Scow Hall and daughter of/tan WILLIAM/and ELIZABETH WARD/wd October 12th 1843/a.45 yrs/.


54 / H / 34 3/4

Here rest/the mortal remains of/ JOHN WARD of Fewston/wdtl Feb.28th/1836.a.78 yrs/ Also those of MARTHA/relict otan/ JOHN WARD /wd April 16th 1842/a.74 yrs/


55 / Chest / the top is 70 3/4 x 40 3/4 and height is 16 1/2

Here/lieth the Body of JOHN / PAPKINSON of upper Cragg/wdtl the/ Second day of April in the 81st /yr of his age Anno Dom 1786/. Also near this stone /lie the Remains of / JOHN /son of THOMAS and ANN PARKINS0N /of Cragg-Hall./ He dtl Oct.l5th 1827/in the 53rd yr of his age.


56 / Table-chest / the top is 70 3/4 x 37 and 12 high

Here/Lieth the Body of/ STEPHEN PARKINSON of/Upper Cragg who d/tl the third day/of June in the 84th ((81?)) yr of/his Age Anno Dom 1763/ Here also Lieth the bo((dy)) of/ HANNAH the Wife of th((e abovesaid)) /STEPHEN PARKINSON /w((ho departe))d/this life ye 22nd day ( )er/in ye 86th yr of her Age/ 1766/.


57 / Chest / the top is 73 x 35 1/2 over-all height is 16 1/2

Here/lieth the body of/THOMAS PARKINSON the/Elder late of the Upper/Cragg in this parish/wdtl/the 9th day of February/Anno Domini 1779 in/the 70th yr of his age./ Also MARY relict ot/an THOMAS /PARKINS0N wd/tl the 22nd of January/1804 a.87 yrs./


58 / Chest / 38 1/2 x 72 3/4 top, total height is 30 1/2

Near this place lieth/the body of THOMAS PARKINSON /of Cragg Hall tanner w/dtl the 21st day/of February 1816 in the 65th/yr of his age/. His charitable and humane disposition/gained him the esteem of/a numerous acquaintance/. Also of ANN/relict otan/ THOMAS PARKINS0N/wdtl the/l6th day of November 1840/a.86 yrs./


59 / Chest / is 73 1/2 x 36 3/4 at one side the top is off the side support

Imo/ STEPHEN PARKINSON late of/Hardisty Hill in the pari((sh)) / of Fewston tanner w/dtl the 14th/day of June 1799 a.83 yrs./


60 / Chest / top is 77 3/4 x 38 1/2 over-all height is 30

Here lieth the body/of WILLIAM PARKINSON of/Hardistyhill, tanner w/d the 15th day of June/1818 a.63 yrs./ My bodl'y pains were strong but soon o'er/The toils and cares of life are now no more/ Therefore my friends prepare to follow me/You cannot tell how short your time may be./ Also CHRISTIANA ELIZABETH /wife otan/ WILLIAM PARKINSON w/dtl the 20th/day of November 1828/a.58 yrs/ Also STEPHEN only child of/tan WILLIAM and/C.ELIZABETH PARKINSON/wd at Newington Place/near the City of York on the 2nd day/of January 1838 a.31 yrs./ Also SUSANNA youngest/daughter otan/ STEPHEN PARKINSON/wd at Micklegate in the/City of York the 11th day of/ November 1839 a.6 yrs/and 10 months./


61 / Chest / top is 40 x 83 3/4 & over-all height is 35 1/2. The top has not been inscribed.

South side panel:- "Imo/STEPHEN PARKINSON late of Hardisty Hill/in this parish wd at Newington Place near/the City of York on the 2nd day of January 1838/a.31 yrs/ Also of SUSANNAH wife ota wd/at Raventofts on the 21st day of July 1842/a.33 yrs/ Also of SUSANNAH daughter ota wd/in Micklegate, York on the 11th day of November 1839/a.6 yrs and 10 months./ Also ELIZABETH surviving daughter ota/ wd at South Parade, York on the 20th day of/August 1846 a. 16 yrs."/


62 / Chest / is 78 x 39 3/4 & overall height is 28

Under/this stone rests the body of/ ELIZABETH PICKARD the/last surviving sister of the /late THOMAS PARKINS0N of/Cragg-Hall./ She died at her nephews house/near Fewston on the 22nd day of/ June in the yr of our Lord 1831 /a.82 yrs./


63 /chest/ is 73 1/4 x 34 1/2 top, and overall height is 29 1/2

The following inscription is on a brass or bronze metal plate, 15 3/4 x1O 1/2, on the tops' west half.

Imo/ MARY wife of STEPHEN PARKINSON /of Fewston./only daughter of RICHD. & FRANS. WRIGHT /of Pannal./She died beloved and lamented/ March 10th 1810 a.30 yrs./

On the east half of the top is a similar plate and is 16 1/4 X 10 1/4 , & has all the following:-

Also in memory of/ STEPHEN PARKINSON /husband otan/ MARY PARKINSON / wdtl on the /29th day of December 1846/a.61 yrs./



64 / Square tapering column on three tiers, urn on the top. It is approx.18 1/2 square at the centre, and approx.108 high. Is grey granite, and has gold filled inscriptions.

South facing:- "1914-1918, 1939-1945./We will remember them"


West facing:- "In loving /and grateful memory/of the men of this valley/who gave their lives in/the 1939-1945 war./ Gnr. FRANCIS WARD, R.A./of Timble/died P.O.W. Malaya Mar.21 1942/a. 37 ./ Sgt RONALD H0USEMAN/R.A.F./of Norwood/killed in France July 5 1944/ a.20/. Dvr. CHARLES AUSTIN RATHMELL, R.E./of Timble/died of wounds Aug.29 1944/a.31./Also Pte. PETER JACK NICHOLSON, W.Yorks,Rgt./ of Norwood/ died at Singapore June 15 1947/a.19/ These all died in faith/".

East facing:- "In loving/and grateful memory of the/men of this parish and district/who in the Great War 1914-1918/gave their lives for King & Country/ Pte.H.W.ATKINSON, Northumberland Fusiliers/of Fewston/Jan.2 1918 a.20/ Sergt.F.DRIVER 2/5 West Yorks.Regt./May 3 1917 a.22/ Pte.H.L.WIGGLESWORTH 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons/Aug.22 1917 a.22/. Pte.J.HOBSON, K.0.Y.L.I.,/Aug.11 1918 a.36/. Pte. J.SIMPS0N, West Yorks.Regt./Mar.28 1918 a.22/. Pte.W.H.CLAPHAM East Lancashire Regt./Aug.4 1916 a.29/ All five men from Norwood./ Pte.P.POWELL,K.R.R./Aug.16 1917 a.22/. L.Cpl,S.C.C.BRAMLEY, East Surreys / Aug.9 1917 a.33./Both of Blubberhouses./ Sergt.L.BARNETT, East Yorks.Regt. /May 13 1917 a.23/ Pte. C. L.CRYER, 2/6 Duke of Wellingtons/Sep.13 1918 a.24/. Both of Farnley./ R.flmn. H.ROBINSON, K.R.R., of Dob Park,/Oct.19 1917. a.28/. Faithful unto death./ This monument is erected/by their relatives and friends./"


65 / H / 42 3/4

This stone/records the death of four daughters/of THOMAS and MARY JACKSON of/Havara Park./Viz., MARY ANN, ELLEN, JANE, & SARAH./ MARY ANN wife of JOHN WEATHERHEAD /of Otley dtl Aug.2Oth/1839 in the 32nd yr of her age./ ELLEN dtl May 28th/1830 in the 15th yr of her age./ JANE dtl April 2lst/1831 in the 21st yr of her age./ SARAH dtl May 25th/1833 in the 22nd yr of her age./ Also of THOMAS JACKSON /father otan/wdtl/December 26th 1853 /a.74 yrs/ Also MARY wife of THOMAS JACK/SON and mother ota/n wd April 3rd 1856/a.73 yrs/


66 / Chest / 40 1/2 x 76 1/2 & height is 3O 1/2

S/ttmo/ THOMAS RUTHERFORD /(late a Master of the Royal Navy)/wdtl October lst/1827 a.44 yrs/ Likewise ttmo/ WILLIAM JACKSON /late of Widra Lane w/d January 13th 1822/a.74 yrs/ Also of SARAH wife ot/a WILLIAM JACKSON /wd March 4th 1828/a. 79 yrs/


67 / A block of stone / 15 1/4 x 13 3/4 rectangle, & 24 3/4 high; the top edges are bevelled, & on the top is the remains of an iron ornamental 'handle'. Not sunk into the earth, it can be moved with difficulty. Inscription faces south.

Imo/ ISAIAH son of /ISABELLA NEWALL /of Blubberhouses/ wd May/1st 1882/ a.25 yrs./


68 / H / 38 Has carved tulips at the top centre

S/ttm/o JOHN BRADLEY /late of Norwood wd Decr.18th/1859 a.62 yrs/ Haste to Christ make no delay/No one knows their dying day;/Death to me short warning gave/Quickly took me to the grave./



69 / Chest / 38 3/4 x 73 3/4 the top, and is 32 high. Surface coming off.

Im/o/ JOHN JACKSON of Fewston/yeoman wd August 22nd/1815 a.40 yrs/ A1so of/ JOHN and EDWARD sons of the /above JOHN and ANN JACKSON/ JOHN died Jany.l9th 1816 a.7 /and EDWARD died in his infancy/. Likewise of ANN JACKSON /wife of ta JOHN JACKSON /wdtl July 25th/ 1828 ((1828 ?)) a.44 yrs ./


70 / Chest / top is 79 x 38 1/4 & overall height is 31 1/2

Imo/ MARY JACKSON widow of/the late CHRISTOPHER JACKSON /of London./ wdtl the 2nd/day of March 1826/a.58 yrs./ Also of WILLIAM son ota/n CHRISTOPHER and MARY / JACKSON wd September llth/1829 a.27 yrs/ MARY JACKSON died August/9th 1858 a.55./ Also/CHRISTOPHER JACKSON May 4th/1859 a.56./ WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER BUCK /died May.18th 1866 a.56 and/ CHRISTOPHER JACKSON BUCK died/July 15th 1866 a.21./ Also MARY BUCK relict ota/n W.C.BUCK. She died at Harrogate/ Octr.l7th 1884 a.72 yrs./


71 / H / 30

I/mo/ SAMUEL HUDSON of Norwood./wd June 15th 1865/a.75 yrs./ Also MARY wife ota/wd September 3rd 1878/a.84 yrs./


72 / H / 36 3/4 At the top centre is carved an open book laid on a cross; drapes are at the top to the sides.

S/ttmo/ SARAH HUDSON /daughter of SAMUEL &/ MARY HUDSON of Norwood/, wd Novr.28th 1852/a.20 yrs/ Mourn not for me, my parents dear/For here I lie till Christ appear;/This world I've left of toil and pain/I die in hope to live again./ Also of SARAH ANN HUDSON/of Otley, niece ota/ SARAH HUDSON wd July/l7th 1875 a.22 yrs./


73 / Table / top is 36 1/4 x 7O 1/2 & is 25 high; has end supports.

Imo/ WILLIAM son of WILLIAM and/ELIZASBTH PETTY of Denton in the/ parish of Otley wd Feby.l5th/1836 a.33 yrs./ Sudden and awful was the stroke/by which the thread of life was broke/Grieve not for me but pity take/On my poor children for my sake./ Also of JAMES their son wd/Octr.l9th 1836 a.38 yrs/ Mourn not dear friends for my decease /But hope with Christ I've made my peace/Life is uncertain death is sure/Sin gave the wound and Christ the cure/. Also of JEROME PETTY brother to/ the aforesaid of Otley wd/tl November 4th 1867 a/55 yr. Also SARAH wife ota JEROME PETTY./wd Novr.lst 1879 a.69 yrs./


74 / Table / is 36 1/4 x 71 1/2 & is 29 1/2 high

S/ttmo/ JANE GILL of Gillbecks in the parish/of Fewston wdtl/Feby. 11th 1836 a.92 yrs/ Also ttmo ELIZABETH PETTEY /of Denton in the parish of Otley/daughter otan/JANE GILL wdtl/Oct.l5th 1843 a.69 yrs/ She died with unshaken confidence/in the merits of her Redeemer./ Also ttmo WILLIAM / PETTY of Denton in the parish/of Otley, husband to ta/n ELIZABETH PETTY w/dtl June 20th /1848 a.78 yrs/ Also ttmo/ ELIZABETH PETTY grandaur./otan WILLIAM/and ELIZABETH PETTY w/dtl June 1st 1848/a.6 yrs and 9 months./


75 / H / 26 Rounded top has roses

Im/o/ DAVID MYERS /of Fewston/wd March 2nd 1865/a.74 yrs/ Also/ SUSANNAH /wife ota/wd April 21st 1875/a.77 yrs/ Be ye also ready for in such/ an hour as ye think not the/ son of man cometh/. Also of JOSEPH MYERS / son ota/wd January 14th 1895/a.72 yrs./


76 / H / 32 Has gable top to a cross-like finial; is 104 high; short columns at the sides; short iron supports of missing links around the plot.

Iar/o/ THOMAS LEUTY /of Cragg House, Norwood/ died July 19th 1882 / a.84 yrs/ Also of ROBERT LEUTY /brother ota / died January 23rd 1886 /a.85 yrs/ Also of MARY LEUTY / widow ota THOMAS LEUTY / died February 16th 1888/a.69 yrs/r.i.p./ HOLLINGS, Otley.


77 / H / 36 1/2

Imo/ CHRISTIANA JEFFREY daughter/ of WILLIAM and RUTH JEFFREY of/ Askwith wd the 3rd day of/January 1834 a.15 yrs/ You readers all both old and young/ Your time on Earth cannot be long/ For like a Lily fresh and green/ I was cut down and no more seen./


78 / Stone block / 15 1/4 x 15 rectangle & 25 3/4 high. The top edges are chamfered, & on the top is the remains of an iron ornamental 'handle'. Not sunk into the earth, & can be moved with difficulty.

Imo/ HANNAH wife of / JOHN NEWALL /o/ Blubberhouses/ wd April/15th 1870/a.84 yrs./


79 / Stone block / 15 x 15 square & 21 3/4 high. As above No. 78

Imo/ JAMES NEWALL / of Blubberhouses / wd July/ 21st 1876/a.66 yrs/ Also/ ANN wife of/ta/wd April/15th 1866/a.60 yrs/


80 / Stone block / 14 3/4 x 14 3/4 square & 22 high. As No.78

Imo/ HANNAH wife of / JOHN NEWALL /of Darley/wd July/11th 1874/a.49 yrs./


81 / H / 34 Has 'rope' ornamental around curved top to the sides.

Sttmo/Ihs/ ABRAHAM HORSEMAN / of Askwith/in the parish of Weston./ He dtl Jany./28th 1868 a.59 yrs/ Go home dear friends forbear to weep,/While sweetly in the dust I sleep;/ A toilsome world I've left behind,/ A glorious crown I hope to find./


82 / H / 39 x 65 high. Has deeply carved leaves & flowers, sides & top.

S/ttmo/ ELIZA wife of/ WILLIAM TAYLOR,/Scow-Hall, Norwood/wd May 3rd 1857/a.82 yrs./ Also 3 grandaughters/ ELIZABETH wd Feby./26th 1865 a.10 yrs/ MARGARET wd May/18th 1865 a.6 yrs/ and ELIZA wd June/7th 1865 a.8 yrs/ Also otan/ WILLIAM TAYLOR / wd August 10th 1878/a.86 yrs./ JEE. PETTY


83 / Stone block / 15 square x 23 1/2 high. Then as No.78

Imo / JOHN NEWALL /of Blubberhouses / wd March/23rd 1876/a.94 yrs./


84 / Coffin shape / 19 3/4-26 x 75 1/4 & is 29 high. A cross fills the top, chamfered top edges.

North side:- "Prope etiam iacet ELISABETA vxor SAMVELIS /NEWALL de Eastby, quae obiit ii die ivnii/mdcccxlviii anno aetatis xxvi/"

South side:- "Hic iacet RICARDVS NEWALL de Pace Gate qvi obiit/ xxiv die Septembris mdcccxliv anno aetatis xxiv/spero taddem felix./


85 / Ledger / 71 x 24 letters are about 0.1m high & rather crude

Difficult to read even with side lighting.

SAMEVEL / HARD/ISTTY died / the 19/ ofapper((h or r ?)) / 16.6- ((1669, can see the '0' part of the last figure))


86 / H /27 Has short columns at the sides.

Iaro/ WILLIAM WELLBURY HARDISTY /of Fewston/wd Feby.15th 1878/ a.29 yrs/ His soul's obtained a sweet release/ And fled above the skies;/ His mortal frame shall rest in peace/ Till Jesus bids it rise./


87 / Chest / 37 1/2 x 75 1/4 & 26 1/2 high.

S/ttmo/ WILLIAM HARDISTY /of Redshaw Hall, wd/tl March 13th 1772 a./ 80 yrs. Also here lieth the / body of WILLIAM HAR-/DISTY son ota w/dtl June 29th 1814/a.77 yrs/. This stone was erected in tri/bute to their memory by / JOHN HARDISTY of/ Swincliffe son of the former/ and only surviving brother to/ the latter./


88 / Chest / 41 1/4 x 77 1/2 & is 22 high. The top is 8 1/2 thick, & half of the sides are chamfered. Crosses carved on all sides of the chest. The inscription deeply cut & 4 1/2 high at the first name, reduces to 2 1/2 at the year. The inscr. is along the south side on the top.



89 / H / 40 1/2

Imo/ SARAH/ daughter of JOSEPH and JANE SPENCE /of Fewston wd March 21st 1838/ in the 19th yr of her age/. Also of RICHARD their son/ wd in his infancy/. Likewise of JOHN SPENCE brother/ to the aforesaid, he died at Keighley/ and was interr'd at Fewston Decr.2nd/1854 a.31 yrs./ Also of tan JOSEPH SPENCE /wd April 29th 1870 a.75 yrs/ Also of JANE SPENCE wife ota/wd April 19th 1879 a.85 yrs./


90 / H /36 1/2 the lower half has three metal plates approx.8 x 4 3/4 each.

Imo/ JOHN SPENCE wd Feby.26 1749/a.75 yrs./ Also FRANCES his wife died July 15th 1770/a.88. Also MARY MAUD daughter ot/a died October 10th 1765 a.45./ Also GEORGE SPENCE son ot/a died April 24th 1797 a.82./

Left plate:- "Also of GEORGE /son ota GEOE. & RUTH SPENCE /wd at/ Keighley, September 16th 1835/a.79 yrs./"

Centre plate:-"Also of RUTH relict ota GEORGE SPENCE /wd August 21st 1821/ a.93 yrs./"

Right plate:-"Also ANN relict/otl/ GEORGE SPENCE /wdtl at Keighley/ April 15th 1838 ((1838 ?)) / in the 99th yr of her age./


91 / H / 36 1/4

Here resteth in hope of a joyful/resurection/the body of HANNAH wife of/ ANTHONY THORNTON of Newall/ with Clifton and daughter of / JAMES and ANN MOON of Fewston/. She died 3rd July 1834 in the/ 58th yr of her age./ Also MARY ANN THORNTON /daughter otan w/d in Febry. 1815 a.5 months/ Also of ANTHONY THORNTON / of Otley/ wd June 20th 1860/ a.75 yrs./


92 / Table / 37 1/2 x 71 1/2 top, & is 20 high. Is on six carved legs; 5 stand.

A metal plate 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 is at the top centre, ie., west end.

Plate:- "Imo/ JAMES MOON of Fewston/wdtl/September 1st 1811/a.75 yrs/"

The stone:- "Also of ANN MOON wife ot/a JAMES MOON w/dtl the 7th day Of May 1820/a.75 yrs./ My pain and sickness now is gone/Which for Long time I bore:/Retir'd from all there toils my bones/Have peace-full rest in store./ Also of WILLIAM MOON /son otan/ JAMES and ANN MOON of/Fewston wd Jany.21st/1847 a.82 yrs/ Also of MICHAEL MOON of Knaresbro/ wd Decr.10th 1859 ((1859?)) /a.85 yrs./"


93 / H / 34 1/2

S/ttmo ROBERT /YOUNG of Lindley w/dtl Octr.22nd/1819 a.71 yrs./ In a old age he is gone to rest/The Lord calls home when he sees best/May we like him rejoice and say/ The Lord he is my only stay./


94 / H / 32 3/4 top centre has small bird & two small branches.

Imo/ DAVID HILL of Westend/wd Jany.3rd 1816/a.59 yrs./ Also NINEAN HILL son/ota died Decem.8th/1819 a.19 yrs/ Likewise of SARAH wife of/ DAVID HILL wd/tl April 18th 1829/a. 68 yrs/ Days and years' are rolling on/ Time with you will soon be gone;/Death is stalking through the land/Thousands fall beneath his hand./


95 / H / 34 1/4 Has metal plate at left centre; is 9 x 6 3/4

JOSEPH MAUD /o/Blubberhouses died February 5th/1820 a.71 yrs/ Also MARY his wife died the 13th/of April 1825 a.84 yrs/ Metal plate:- "Also of JOSEPH /son ota JOSH. & MARY MAUD /wd/April 4th 1835 a.60 yrs./ Farewell my wife, my life is past,/Thou, faithful, lov'd me, to the last./Fret not for me, but pity take / And love my Children for my sake./


96 / H / 31 3/4 the sides have 'ropes'; top centre is a four petal flower.

Imo / JOHN CURTIS / of Norwood. He died Jany.13th/1867 a.68 yrs/ Also of JANE CURTIS /wife otan/wd March 15th 1869 /a.60 yrs/ His latest wish and fondest care/Was follow Christ & meet me there./


97 / H /41 & is 67 above ground. Fronds at the top with two small panels; at the left is HENRY, and at the right is SCOTT.

S/ttmo/ JOHN son of/ CHRISTOPHER and MARY DAGGET /of Farnley near Otley wd /October 12th 1826 a.28 yrs/ Also otan/ CHR.DAGGET wd September 3rd/1836 a.65 yrs/ Likewise otan MARY /wife of CHR. DAGGET wd/tl March 14th 1844/a.69 yrs/ No cares, nor passions here their bosoms rend/ Here wasteing pains and earthly troubles end./ Also of JONATHAN DAGGET / of Farnley, farmer, son ot/as CHRISTOPHER & MARY/DAGGET wdtl/May 7th 1849 a.47yrs/ Also of CHRISTOPHER DAGGET, of Lindley, son ota CHRISTOPHER and MARY DAGGET /wd Novr. 22nd 1874 a.73 yrs./ ((HENRY SCOTT))


98 / H /27

Sttmo/ MARIA SHEPHERD /wd August/11th 1832 a.2 yrs/ Also of JANE SHEPHERD w/d March 23rd 1858 a.19 yrs./ Also of ANN HORSMAN SHEPHERD /mother to the above and wife of /THOMAS SHEPHERD, Burley Wharfedale/ wd Sept.18th 1869 a.68 yrs/ Not my will but thine be done./


99 / Chest / 36 x 70 1/2 the top, & is 28 high. At the bottom right-hand side is a metal plate 8 x 17 1/4. Stone inscr. First.

Here lieth the boby of/ JOHN ROBINSON of Swinsty/Hall wdt/l the 2nd day of June/anno domini 1772 in/ the 52nd yr of his age/. Also near this place/lies the body of JANE/wife otas/ JOHN ROBINSON and/ daughter of AARON HARD/CASTLE late of Fewston w/dtl the 4th/day of November in the/64th yr of her age, Anno/Domini 1783./

On the plate:- "Also here lieth interred MARY the /wife of ROBERT BRAMLEY and daughter/ota JOHN & JANE ROBINSON w/dtl the 9th of December 1810 /a.65 yrs/ Go home my friends & shed no tears/ I must lie here while Christ appears/ When I arise I hope to have/A joyful rising from the grave./


100 / Chest / 39 3/4 x 75 the top, & is 29 1/2 high

Imo/ THOMAS BUCK of Fewston/wd much lamented/the 31st day of May 1836/a.67 yrs/


101 / H / 33 3/4

Imo/ THOMAS son of THOMAS and/ELIZABETH BUCK of Fewston w/d Feby. 8. 1802 a.2 yrs/ Also of/SUSANNA daughter ota/ THOS. And ELIZ. BUCK wd/May 18th 1816 a.18 yrs/ Also of ELIZABETH wife/ of THOS. BUCK wd/October 19th 1821 in the/49th yr of her age./ Afflictions sore long time she bore/ Physicians were in vain/ Till God did please by Death to ease/ And set her free from Pain./


102 / Chest / 37 x 75 top, & is 26 high

Imo/ WILLIAM BUCK of Thornthwaite/ tanner,/wd at Leeds/January 8th 1842/a.74 yrs./ Also/ SUSANNAH wife of JOHN BUCK of/Otley and daughter ota/n wd Septr.11th 1851/a.40 yrs./


103/ Chest / 35 1/4 x 67 top, & is 15 1/2 high

Here/Lyeth the body of/ AARON son of AARON / HARDCASTLE of Fewston/ cabinet maker and joyner/ wdtl/ April ye 22nd 1755 in full/hope of a happy resurrection/ a.31 yrs/ Mourn not for me contented keep/ I am not dead but fallen asleep/ Till the Arch Angel warning give/ Then must I rise revive and live./


104 / Chest / 38 1/2 x 75 1/2 top, & is 29 1/2 high

Imo /SAMUEL CARR of Swinsty Hall/wd November 25th 1834/a.92 yrs/ Also of ANN /wife otan/ SAMUEL CARR and daughter of/ JOHN and JANE ROBINSON of Swinsty Hall/wd May 5th 1823/a.75 yrs/.


105 / Chest / 36 1/4 x 70 top, had supports but now almost flat. 

Here li((e))th the body of/ EDWARD ((s))on of JOHN / and ((JANE)) ROBINSON of/ Swinsty Hall wd/tl the 30th day of/ May Anno Domini 1772/ in the ( ) yr of his age./ Here ((also)) lieth the body/ of ELI((ZA))BETH daughter/ of JOHN and JANE ROBIN/SON af((ores))aid wd/tl the 6th day of/ October Anno Dom. 1769/ in the 12 ((12?))th yr of her age./ Long time sh((e)) bore afflications sore/ Physi((cians)) were in vain/ Till God did please by Death to ease/ And set th((e))m free from pain./


106 / H / 31

Ilmn/ ROBERT BUCK/ of Fewston/ wd Oct.6th 1882/a.80 yrs/ Also SARAH wife ot/a wd June 28th 1851/a.54 yrs/ Also of their 3 sons/ JOHN died March 21st 1852/a.17 yrs/ JAMES died May 29th 1870/a.34 yrs/ ROBERT died June 3rd 1879/a.46 yrs./



 107 / Chest / top 41 1/4 x 77 1/2 , 27 high; a sun design on each side panel

Rested/ Imo WILLIAM HARDCASTLE / late of Raventops/ wd the 8th day of December/ 1831 a.51 yrs/ Also STEPHEN son to ta/ WILLIAM and ELIZABETH HARDCASTLE /wd January 5th 1811 a.7 weeks./ Likewise STEPHEN their son/ wd July 15th 1832/a.21 yrs/ Also of ELIZABETH wife of t/an WILLIAM HARDCASTLE /wd at Raventofts April 9th/1835 a.53 yrs/ Likewise of HENRY their son/ wd at Raventofts July 28th/ 1836 a.30 yrs/ Also SUSANNAH daughter ot/a WILLIAM and ELIZABETH/ HARDCASTLE widow of the late/ STEPHEN PARKINSON of Newington/Place near York & afterwards/wife of JAMES CHAPMAN of Sawley/ wd at Raventofts 21st July/ 1842 a.33 yrs./


108 / Chest-table / top is 35 1/4 x 72 3/4 , 35 high; east side has three crossed bones & a curtain; west face has an hour glass & a curtain. Tomb has full width end supports, but narrow centre, as:- I.

Top :- "Near this stone/lieth intered the body of/ STEPHEN HARDCASTLE son/ of HENRY and ELIZABETH/ HARDCASTLE of Knox Mill/ wd July 5th 1841/a.55 yrs/"

South side panel :- "Imo/ HENRY HARDCASTLE of Knox Mill/ yeoman wdtl Febry./26th 1820 a.67 yrs/ Also ELIZABETH his wife died Febry.29th 1816 a.54 yrs./"


109 / H / 37 has urn in alto-bas top centre.

Imo / WILLIAM HARDCASTLE /tanner late of Hardisty Hill;/wdtl Decr. 13th/ 1829 a.29 yrs/ Fret not for me my race is run/ It was the Lord His Will be done/. Also of JOHN son otan/wd in his infancy./


110 / H / 28 1/2 Has carved flowers at the top, also engraving of trumpet and a flaming torch.

May they rest in peace./ Iar/o THOMAS HARDCASTLE/ of Potternewton/ wd July 1st 1871/a.43 yrs/ Also of MARY HARDCASTLE /wife ota/wd December 30th 1870/a.45 yrs/ Also of their four children wd/ in their infancy/ and was interred at Fewston./

J.PARKER, Potternewton.


111 / H / 30 1/2 Ihs is in a wreath at the top 

Ihs/Iaro/ SARAH / daughter of ROBERT and/ SARAH BUCK of Fewston/ wd Decr.23rd 1879/a.49 yrs/ Thy will be done/ Also of/ ROBERT DOUGLAS YEADON/of Fewston/ born June 30th 1892/ died July 1st 1892/"He will gather the lambs in his arms./


112 / H / 31 1/4

Ilmo / JOHN BEECROFT /of Timble/wd April 29th 1868/a.58 yrs/ Also MARGARET his wife/died Oct.24th 1879 a.56 yrs/ Also four daughters ota/ ZILLA wd April 22nd 1870/a.8 yrs/ EMMA wd June 14th 1880/ a.22yrs/ SARAH wd July 7th 1880/a.26yrs/ MARGARET wd October 12th/ 1882 a.23 yrs./ D.PETTY


113 / Table / top 36 1/2 x 73 1/4, & is 16 1/2 high; top is 6 thick; end supports.

Here lies the body of the/late pious and charitable/ Mrs. SARAH JEFFREY of Brown/bank widow she d/tl the 23rd day of March Anno Domini 1749 / aged 68 yrs./


114 / Chest / 25 1/2 x 67 top, & is 11 high, (one side at ground). Letter H of the first word is ornamental.

Here / lieth interred ye/ body of AARON HA((RD))C((AS))TLE late/ of Fewston w/depart((e))d this life/ ye 19th day of Nov./ in ((ye-9th))yr of/ h((is)) age/ An((no)) Domini 17((3))1 / H((ere)) lieth the/ body of WILIAM /HARDCASTLE of Few((ston)) ((s))on of the/ ((afores))aid AARON/ HARDCASTLE who de/p((a))rted this life the/ ((10)) of August 1790/ a.68./


115 / H / 39

Imo/ JOHN BEECROFT of Thackray/wdtl May 28th/ 1815 a.78 yrs./ Also of MARGARET wife ota/n wdtl Febry. 13th/1816 a.78 yrs./ Likewise of JANE daughter of JOHN/ and JANE BEECROFT of Thackray/ wd June the 29th 1818/a.2 yrs/ Also of SARAH wife of JONATHAN WARD /of Gillbecks and daughter of JOHN/ and JANE BEECROFT wd Janry.20th/1827 a.20 yrs/ Likewise of MARGARET daughter of/ JOHN and JANE BEECROFT/ she died May 30th 1834/a.17 yrs./


116 / H / 28 1/2

Iaro/ JOSEPH HARDCASTLE /of Fewston/ wd Sepr.9th 1865/a.55 yrs/ Also of/ MARGARET HARDCASTLE /wife ota wd/ on the 18th of May 1854/ a.57 yrs /Also of SUSANNAH ARMSTRONG /daughter ota JOSEPH /& MARGARET HARDCASTLE w/d 27th day of Sepr.1857/a.24 yrs/ and of/ MARY ANN BUCKLE /of Leeds daughter of JOSEPH/ & MARGARET HARDCASTLE w/d Novr.18th 1866/ a.28 yrs./


117 / Table / top is 36 3/4 x 73 3/4, & is 27 3/4 high; has six supports.

Here/ lieth the body of/ ANN the wife of WILLIAM /HARDCASTLE of Fewston who de/parted this life the 28th of Nov/ember 1778 a.52. Also/ the body of ELEZABETH dau/ghter otas WILLIAM/ and ANN HARDCASTLE w/dtl the 11th of/December 1778 a.18./ Also the body of JOHN son/ of the said WILLM. And ANN/ HARDCASTLE wd/tl the 5th of July 1780/a.17. Also the body of/ AARON son otafs/ WILLM. And ANN HARDCASTLE /wdtl the 20th of May 1785 a.35./


118 / H / 26 1/4 leaves & flowers top centre

Ilmo/ WILLAM HARDCASTLE /of Meagill, Fewston/ wdtl / December 31st 1887/ a.50 yrs./ W.H.SHEPHERD, Halton East.


119 / H / 27 1/2

Iaro / ANN / wife of THOMAS SWIRES/ of Felliscliffe /wd Septr.14th 1863/ a. 58 yrs/ Also / THOMAS SWIRES / husband otan/wd June 9th 1868 / a.64 yrs./


120 / H / 37 3/4

I/mo/ HENRY JACKSON wd/December 7th 1822 a. 1yrs/ and 9 months./ Also of HANNAH JACKSON / mother ota wd/April 8th 1830 a.52 yrs./ Also of HENRY JACKSON of/ Fewston / husband ot/a and father of the afore-/said HENRY wd March/26th 1848 a.72 yrs./ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord./


121 / H / 35 1/2 top centre has small corn sheaf & heads.

I/a/ro/ JAMES son of THOMAS /and MARY NEWALL of Snowd/en wd April 23rd 1865/a.29 yrs/ T'was in the dawning of my years/ When death to me was sent;/ All you who have a longer stay/ Be carefull to repent./ Likewise of JOHN son otafs THOMAS and MARY / NEWALL. He died Feby.6th 1843/ a.4 yrs./


122 / H / 27 1/2 is a large space between fact & verse.

Iaro / ANN TEAL /of White Crag House, Timble/Great, wd Dec.11th 1869/ a.74 yrs./ Also of STEPHEN TEAL / husband ota/wd April 26th 1875 / a.80 yrs./ Farewell my children dear I could no longer stay / When God calls we must obey / How soon you may follow us / no mortal can tell./ Prepare to meet us in heaven / and all will be well./ J.RAW, Pateley Bridge.


123 / H / 37 has drapes at the sides

I/ar/otl / WILLIAM TEAL of Timble Great wd/ Feby/20th 1857 a.29 yrs/ Haste to Christ make no delay / No one knows their dying day; / Death to me short warning gave / And quickly took me to the grave./


124 / H / 32 3/4 

S/ttmo JANE the/ wife of WILLIAM HARRISON of/ Yeadon and daughter of GEORGE/ and ELIZABETH TEAL of Tim-/ble Great wdt/l August 21st 1818 a.29/yrs./ A loving wife a parent dear/ A faithful child lies buried here./


125 / H / top centre has Ihs in a wreath

Iaro / the / undermentioned / The beloved children of JOSEPH/ and ANN TEAL of Hardisty Hill / Fewston/. MARY ELIZABETH TEAL / born Septr.19th 1844 died Decr.10th 1845./ ISAAC TEAL / born Septr.15th 1860 died Novr.11th 1869 / JACOB TEAL / born Jan.19th 1863 died November 13th 1869/. JOSEPH WILLIAM TEAL / born Novr. 9th 1855 died Decr. 26th 1869/. And GEORGE SYLVESTER TEAL / born Decr.31st 1841 died Feby.23rd 1870/. Even so them also which sleep in Jesus/ Will God bring with them. 1st.Thess.4.14./


126 / H / 41

Near this stone/ lie the mortal remains of / STEPHEN/ the infant son of STEPHEN and/ MARGARET BEECROFT of Fewston/ wd October the 21st 1836/. Also of MARGARET wife of/ STEPHEN BEECROFT and mother to/tan wd March/ 30th 1867 a.57 yrs./ Also of STEPHEN BEECROFT husband ot/a wd Feb.17th 1885 in the 74th yr of / his age./


127 / H / 34 1/2 raised from fallen position only to read inscription.

I/mo/ JOHN DICKINSON /of Swinsty Hall/wdtl/ September 19th 1858/ a.77 yrs./ I was so long with pain oppress'd/ That wore my strength away/ It made me long for endless rest/ which never can decay./


128 / Cross on three tiers / marble / lead letters. 54 high.

MARY ISABEL AMELIA TURNER / fell alsleep May 20th 1877 / a.15 yrs/ Rest in Peace.


129 / H / 30

Imo / JOSEPH DANIEL CALVERT / son of WILLIAM and ANN / CALVERT of Skyrholmes/ wd December 19th/ 1857 in the sixth year/ of his age./ Also S((ELINA)) ANN CALVERT / daughter of ((the)) above w/d Dec((ember)) 23rd ((23?)) 1857 / in the ((second)) year / of her age./ Also STEPHEN TEAL/ CALVERT son ota/wd December 26th/ 1857 in the tenth year / of his age./ When blooming youth is snatch'd away / By deaths resistless hand / Our mournfull hearts the tribute pay / Which pity must demand./


130 / H / 37 Is sunk a fair amount, & a large stone below ground blocks the final verse.

Imo/ THOMAS TEAL the son of GEORGE and / ELIZABETH TEAL of White Cragg/ wd 7th September 1786 a./9 yrs/. Also ABRAHAM TEAL their son w/d 1st June 1807 a.16 yrs/ Likewise HANNAH TEAL their daughter /wd 11th February 1811 a.25/yrs/ and MARY PEEL daughter to t/an GEORGE and ELIZABETH/ TEAL and wife of THOMAS PEEL / she died 25th February 1811 a.30/yrs/. Also GEORGE TEAL father to/tan sons and daughters/ wd 16th April 1824 a.70 yrs/. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord./ Also of ELIZABTH wife of tan GEORGE TEAL/ she died February 7th 1837 / a.81 yrs/ A peaceful woman free ( )/ A tender mother and a ( )


131 / H / 35 1/2

I/aro/ JOHN LEAROYD /wd July 19th 1869 ((?1859))/a.70 ((?78))/ yrs/ He hath all ((the)) ( ) ((and)) ((r))ode and / found ((the rest we had)) to find.


132 / H / 31 3/4

S/ttmo JOHN / BAILEY of Norwood w/dtl Janry.12th/1815 a.45 yrs/ Dear wife and children serve the Lord / and weep no more for me/ For he that call'd me to the grave/ From sin can set me free. HENRY SCOTT


133 / H / 35

Imo / BENJAMIN BAILEY of Fewston / wd June 6th 1852 a.82 yrs / I was so long with pain oppress'd / That wore my strength away;/ It made me long for endless rest / Which never can decay / Also of ANN BAILEY wife otan /wd April 1st 1826 a.47 yrs/ Also of GRACE SWALES daughter ota/wd March 7th 1848 a.41 yrs./


134 / H / 34 curved top has saw-tooth edge & 'ropes' down each side; small cross engraved at the top centre.

S/ttmo/ ENOS DARNBROUGH / of Kettlesing-Head w/d September 6th 1866 /a. 55 yrs/ Death rides on every passing breeze;/ He lurks in every flower/ Each season heas its own disease/ Its peril every hour./


135 / H / 26

Imo/o/ WILLIAM BRAMLEY / of Timble Great / wd Decr. 25th 1855 / a.66 yrs/ Also /HENRY BRAMLEY /son of WILLIAM and HANNAH / BRAMLEY wd Sept. 17th 1851 /a.21 yrs./


136 / H / 39

Imo/ THOMAS / son of THOMAS and MARY MYERS / of West-end wd 29th June 1834 /a.15 yrs/ Also of MARY wife of THOMAS / MYERS of West-end and mother / otan THOMAS / She dtl Decr.19th / 1841 a.60 yrs/ Also of the aforesaid THOMAS MYERS / of Bray House, West End, wd/tl May 27th 1848 / a.60 yrs./


137 / H / 32

Ilm/o/ ELIZABETH / wife of WILLIAM TAYLOR, Otley / late of Sc((arah, Scrow or Scough)) Hall, Norwood / wd 11th ( ) 1((89))4 / a.71 yrs/


138 / H / 37 3/4 the first line is small, & very ornamental line engraving at the centre top of the stone.

Sttmo/ JOSEPH BINNS of Bottons/ wdtl Jany./16th 1849 a.47 yrs./ When death disolves, that sacred tie of unity/ That binds two faithfull hearts in one alone;/ Where shall the widow'd mourners heart apply/ Despairs keen agony alone to shun./


139 / Chest / 73 1/2 x 37 1/4 top, & is 32 high

S/ttmo JOSHUA / HARDISTY of Beckwithshaw/ wd October the 28th 1807 / a.60 yrs/ Also of MARTHA wife otan JOSHUA HARDISTY / wdtl Jany. the 12th / 1822 a.63 yrs./


140 / H / 36

This stone records the death of / four children sons and daughters of / WILLIAM and ELIZABETH SCAIFE / of West-End./ Viz: ROBERT,JOHN,HANNAH, and CHRISTIANA ELIZA: ROBERT died Decr.29th 1832 a.8 yrs/ JOHN died April 1st 1840 a.2 yrs/ HANNAH died April 11th 1840 a.9yrs./ C ELIZA died April 16th 1840 a.6 yrs/ Also ELIZABETH wife ot/an wd June 29th / 1849 a.49 yrs/ Also MARY daughter ota/n and wife of JOHN DYKES of / Burley in Wharfedale wd 9th/Novr. 1868 a.41 yrs./



141 / H / 28 1/2

The memory of the just is blessed./I/a/r/o/ JOSEPH FAIRBURN /of Fewston/wd on the 26th of Augst. 1881/ a.75 yrs/ Also of GRACE FAIRBURN /wife ota/wd Dec.14th 1888/a.86 yrs/ Also of GRACE HEMSLEY /daughter otan/wd May 19th 1869/a.24 yrs./ R.SUTTILL, Harrogate


142 / H / 35 carved wreath top centre

Im/o/ JONATHAN ANDREWS /of Harrogate/wd Feb.14th 1861/a.32 yrs/ Farewell dear wife my time is past/ May you and I unite at last;/Mourn not for me nor sorrow take;/ But love my children for my sake./ Also JOHN WILLIAM ANDREWS /son otan w/d February 23rd 1869/a.11 yrs/ M.COWLING, Harrogate


143 / 24 x 13 1/4 leans lengthwise against the rear of No.142. Has inscr. BB. Footstone of No.133 ?


144 / H / 29

Im/o/ HANNAH /wife of WILLIAM BRAMLEY / of Timble Great/wd Novr. 28th 1866/a.73 yrs./


145 / H / 34

S/ttmo/ ESTHER daughter of / JONATHAN & GRACE MYERS / of Norwood. Died Feby.26st./1819 a.12 yrs/ Also of ta GRACE MYERS / wd November 9th 1823/a.41 yrs/ Also of GRACE TOWERS grand/daughter ota JONATHAN/ & GRACE MYERS died March 2nd / 1846 a.19 yrs./ And ota JONATHAN / MYERS wd Decr.24th 1865 / a.84 yrs./


146 / H / 33 1/4

Imo/ ROUNDELL BOLTON / of Otley, cattle dealer/wd November 2nd 1840/ a.33 yrs / By honest virtue, to his friends made dear,/His sudden death call'd forth a general tear./ Also JOSPEH BOLTON / father ota/ wd August 1st 1813/ a.52 yrs./ Likewise of HANNAH wife/ of the said JOSEPH BOLTON /wd on the 24th day of Novr.1853 a.86 yrs./


147 / Chest / 36 1/4 x 74 top, & is 17 high

Imo/ CHARLES HARDISTY of Norwood/wd July 31st 1881 a.83 yrs/ Also ANN /wife ota w/d April 7th 1856 a.51 yrs./ Also THOMAS son ota/wd in infancy./ Also ANNIE CHAFFER daughter o/ta wd May 31st 1862 a.37/yrs. And was interred at Otley/ cemetary./ Also CHARLES son ota/ wd Oct.20th 1864 a.25 yrs/ Also WILLIAM son ota/ wd Sept. 11th 1874 a.39 yrs./


148 / H / 31 1/2

Imo/ HANNAH /daughter of/ JOSHUA and HANNAH HARDISTY of Burley, late /of Norwood wd /January 6th 1853 a.29 yrs./ Also of tan/ JOSHUA HARDISTY /wd December 18th 1855/a.66 yrs./ Also of HANNAH wife ot/a wd June 29th 1879/ in her 86th yr./


149 / Chest / 40 x 79 1/4 x 32 1/2 high

South facing side:- Imo/ SUSANNAH wife of JOHN GILL of Bluberhouse Hall/ wd the 28th day of May 1854/a.54 yrs./ Also/ of JOHN GILL husband of the said SUSANNAH GILL /wd March 3rd 1864/a.67 yrs./

Top stone, west half:- Also of/ JOSEPH WARD infant son of MATTHEW and / ANN GILL and grandson of the late JOHN/ GILL of Blubberhouse Hall wd June 18th/ 1872 a.10 months./ Also ROBERT died in infancy Feb.25th 1878/interred in West End Church Yard./ Also of ERNEST RONALD HUBERT son of/ JAMES ERNEST & LAVINIA ANN GILL /born August 14th 1913 died February 26th 1921/ interred in Dacre Church Yard./ Also of WILKS second son of/ MATTHEW & ANN GILL /born June 26th 1867 died January 29th 1936/ interred in Dacre Church Yard./

North facing side:- Imo/ HANNAH/ younger daughter of JOHN & SUSANNAH GILL of Blubberhouses Hall/ born February 18th 1823 died May 25th 1881 / Also of MATTHEW GILL of Scaife House, only son. Born April 3rd 1826 died May 23rd 1895/ the above were interred in Thruscross Church Yard, West End./ Also of JAMES ERNEST youngest son of MATTHEW & ANN GILL /born March 1st 1879 died December 28th 1921./ Also of JOHN eldest son/ born April 28th 1864 died February 16th 1932./ Also of ANN wife of the said MATTHEW GILL /born May 2nd 1838 died June 19th 1932./ The three are interred in Dacre Church Yard./


150 / H / 34 3/4  a cherub face at top centre

Im/o/ ROSAMOND GILL wife of/ MATTHEW GILL of Blubb/erhouses wd on the 23rd/of December 1775 a.34 yrs./ Also MATTHEW GILL / husband ota/n wd the 14th/day of June 1821 a.83 yrs./


151 / H / 50 wide & 26 1/2 high. Has six small cuts in the top edge giving appearance of stocks. A line down the centre.

Here lieth HENRY /the son of HENRY / BRAMLEY of Wiedray / wd December/ the 11th 1754 a.28./

Right-hand side:- Here lieth MARY the/ wife of HENRY BRAM/LEY of Wiedray w/d December the / 27th 1752 a.63./


152 / Chest / 39 x 76 3/4 top, & is 29 1/2 high

Imo/ JOHN CHIPPINDALE of Gillbottom/ wdtl 26th May 1834/ a.77 yrs./ Also of JOHN and ELIZABETH /son and daughter otan/. JOHN died 2nd Septr.1816 a.8 yrs./ and ELIZABETH died in her infancy./ Also of/ HANNAH relict ota/n JOHN CHIPPINDALE of / Gillbottom. She died July 19th 1853 a. 79 yrs./ Also of ANNA MARIA JACKSON the / beloved grand-daughter ot/an JOHN and HANNAH CHIPPINDALE. She died March 13th / 1847 a.27 yrs./


153 / H / 37 1/2

Imo/ THOMAS HARDISTY / of Jackhill wdt/l June 11th 1839/a.81 yrs./ Also WILLIAM son ota/ wdtl February/ 19th 1820 a.16 yrs./ Likewise ANNA wife ot/an THOMAS HARDISTY /wdtl Sept.5th/1852 a.82 yrs./ Also JOHN HARDISTY son of/the aforesaid, he died September 2nd/1856 a.49 yrs./ Also of MARTHA grandaughter o/tan JOHN HARDISTY and the beloved wife of WILLIAM GRANGE of/ Lindley wd April 1st 1893 a.24 /yrs/


154 / Chest / 42 x 77 1/2 top, & is 28 high

Imo/ HENRY BRAMLEY of Fewston/ (yeoman) wd June 10th 1805 / a.51 yrs/ Also of ROBERT BRAMLEY / late of Knaresborough son of t/an HENRY BRAMLEY / He died May 30th 1826/ a.38 yrs/ Also ANN BRAMLEY wife ot/an HENRY BRAMLEY w/d June 4th 1833 a.81 yrs./


155 / H / marble / 24 Ihs is engraved in pear-shaped cross at top centre. Letter in lead.

Imo/ GRACE MYERS / wd Feby.4th 1883 /a.71 yrs./


156 / Table / 35 3/4 x 70 3/4 top, & is 20 high. A stone leg at each corner. Coarse sandstone or granite. Ornamental first letter.

Here lieth the Body of/ THOMAS the son of/ THOMAS and SUSANNA / TIPLADY of Low cragg/ wdtl/ the 16th day of May, Anno/Domini 1770 in the 30th/yr of his age./


157 / H / 36 1/4 has curtain drapes top to the sides

I/a/r of the late / HANNAH BRAMLEY /of Fewston/ wd Jany.27th 1859/ a.79 yrs./ Her languishing head is at rest/ Its thinking & aching are o'er/ Her quiet immovable breast/ Is heaved by afflication no more./ Also of JOHN BRAMLEY / husband to ta/n wd April 29th/ 1863 a.91 yrs./


158 / H / 24 1/2 Ihs in the wreath at the top

Ilmo/ JOHN BRAMLEY /wd at Fir Grange, Harragate / August 29th 1881 / a.70 yrs./ Also/ of MARY BRAMLEY / sister ota/ wd April 14th 1828 / a.28 yrs./ Also of MILES BRAMLEY /brother ota/ wd at Bradford / April 17th 1839/ a.25 yrs./ Blessed are the dead which die/ in the Lord. Rev.xiv.13./ Also of ROBERT BRAMLEY / brother ota/ wd April 17th 1883 /a.63 yrs./ D.PETTY


159 / H / marble / 24 has lead letters

Imo/ ELIZA / the wife of / GEORGE SIMPSON / of Norwood / wd February 4th 1879 /a.29 yrs./


160 / H / 30 1/2 Ihs in the wreath at top

Iaro/ HANNAH / wife of THOMAS SIMPSON of Norwood / wd November 8th1878 /a.72 yrs./ Farewell thou partner of my care/ In toil and joy thou took a share / Cease not to watch cease not to pray / For all things mortal pass away./ Also/ ota THOMAS SIMPSON / wd June 23rd 1884 / a.86 yrs./ After a useful life to rest / At eventide God called him home / To lie upon his Saviours breast / Where sin and death can never come./


161 / Chest / Coarse sandstone / 71 3/4 x 36 top, & is 17 1/2 high. First letter is ornamental.

Here / lieth the Body of / SARAH the wife of JAMES / TIPLADY of Black Burn / late of the high Cragg / in this Parish wd/tl the 21st day of / July Anno Domini 1779 in / the ( ) year of her Age/. ( ) my loving Husband dear/ ( ) must shortly meet me here / (( in the next)) Li((fe)) you see that w((e)) must part/ ( ) ((this jest)) on your heart/ ((B))( ) ((and)) Frie((nd)) I pray/ f((o))rb((ea))r to weep/ ( ) in ((Heaven)) may meet./


162 / Chest / 69 1/2 x 33 3/4 top, & is 22 1/2 high

Here lyeth the Body/ of SUSANNA the Wife of / THOMAS TIPLADY of Low / Cragg, Was Aged 27 / wdtl / on the 30th Day of jan/uary An no Domini / 1745/. Here lieth also the Body / of THOMAS TIPLADY the / Elder wdt/l the 23rd day of May / Anno Domini 1771 in the / 72nd Year of his Age/. Near this place lieth the / Bodys of JOHN and ANN / son and daughter of THOMAS and AGNES TIPLAD/Y/.


163 / H / 31 3/4 Ihs in wreath at the top

Sttm/o WILLIAM DRIVER /of Norwood wd/tl November 24th 1835/a.52 yrs/ Also MARGARET wife ota/ wdtl October 1st 1834/a.58 yrs./ THOMAS son ota who depar/ted this life July 12th 1840 a.31 yrs./ Also MARY relict ota THOMAS / DRIVER wdtl February / 9th 1879 a.65 yrs./ THOMAS son ota THOMAS / and MARY DRIVER wdtl / May 1st 1841 a.2 yrs./ Also WILSON son of THOMAS and MARY DRIVER wdtl / September 21st 1842 a.10 yrs./ Also JOHN fourth son of JOSEPH and / ISABELLA DRIVER and grandson ota THOMAS and MARY DRIVER wdtl July 19th 1876 / a.1 month./


164 / Coffin style / 24 - 15 1/4 x 75 3/4 & is 18 high. A cross on the top. Ornamented letters.

South facing:- I/mo WILIAM HANNAM of Brace Croft House/, Westend, wd December 14th 1864 a.74 yrs./ And of ELIZABETH his wife wd March 10th 1867/ a.82 yrs./ In sure and certain hope of the resurrection of eternal life./


165 / H / 40 1/2

S/ttmo JOHN HANNAM / of Bramley-Head wd April / 23rd 1845 a.76 yrs./ Also of DEBORAH wife ota/n wd Decr.19th 1847 / a.81 yrs./


166 / H / 28 1/4 fir cones engraved at the top; between first and second lines is a thin line engraving of three books, centre book open.

Imo / WILLIAM BRAMLEY / of Fewston / wd Feby. the 6th 1861 / a.70 yrs./ Also of ANN relict ot/a WILLIAM BRAMLEY w/d Novr. the 15th 1870 / a.65 yrs./ PETTY.


167 / H / 39 1/4 Curtain drapes from the top to the sides

S/ttmo ELIZABETH / daughter of WILLIAM and / ANN BRAMLEY of the parish of / Fewston wd Decr.5th 1855 a.23 yrs./ Also of GRACE daughter of / the said WILLIAM and ANN / BRAMLEY wd Decr.25th / 1836 a.7 yrs and of / her brother WILLIAM wd / the following day a.8 yrs./ Likewise of ELLEN sister to the / afsd and wife of THOMAS / WIGGLESWORTH of Norwood w/d August 1st 1860 a.26/ yrs./


168 / H / 26 1/2

Im/o/ JOSHUA SIMPSON / of Norwood / wd Novr.29th 1878 / a.32 yrs./


169 / Table / 71 3/4 x 36 3/4 top, & is 19 high; is on six stone supports. Inscriptions on three metal plates.

West, top plate, 11 x 11 3/4 approx. :-"Imo / JOSHUA YEADON of Meagill / wdtl March 10th / 1811 / a.78 yrs./ Also of WILLIAM son ota/ JOSHUA YEADON wd/tl February 3rd 1812 / a.33 yrs./ In hope we must lie here / Till the glorious Resurrection of the last Day / When Christ shall awake us from the dead./"

Centre, top plate 10 x 6. :-"Also imo / MARY YEADON of Plompton/ wd the 5th day of / February 1841 in her 90 yr./ wife of tan / JOSHUA YEADON of Meagill./"

East, top plate, 10 1/4 x 7. :-"Also imo / HANNAH ROBINSON of Plompton / widow of the late JOHN ROBINSON / of West House and daughter / ota JOSHUA and MARY YEADON / wd the 19th March 1843 / a.61 /"


170 / H / 38 1/2 Has deep curtain drapes from top to sides; bottom corners have three flowers on stalks.

Ia/ro/ JOHN WATSON PETTY / late of Fewston / wd the 15th day / of March 1856 / a.46 yrs./


171 / H / 37 1/2 Has curtain drapes from top to sides; small flowers top

Ia/ro JOHN WATSON PETTY / late of Fewston / wd Feby.24th / 1854 a.69 yrs / Also ANN wife ot/an w/d Novr.25th 1864 / a.82 yrs./ (( note:- the four in 1854 appears to be on top of a nine.))


172 / H / 36 1/4 Has curtain drapes from top to the sides

Interred / here the Remains of GODFREY / HORSMAN of West-End / yeoman wd June 11th / 1817 a.84 yrs / Also ANN wife ota/n GODFREY HORSMAN / of West-End. She died / Jany 12th 1837 a.89 yrs./ Also GODFREY HORSMAN son / otan who left / here on the 18th of July on / a visit to his son in London / and died there on the 23rd / and was interred here on / the 28th 1841 a.73yrs / Also HANNAH wife o/tan. She / died September the 2nd 1808 a.34 yrs./


173 / H / 45

Near this stone lie / the mortal remains of / SAMUEL DOWNHAM of Haverah Park / wdtl December 21st / 1832 a.72 yrs / Also the remains of ELLEN his wife / wdtl April 27th 1835 / a.79 yrs./ Likewise of SAMUEL son ota/n SAMUEL and ELLEN DOWNHAM / wdtl August 2nd 1801 / a.11 yrs./ Also of MARY their daughter w/dtl November 2nd 1807 / a.22 yrs/ Also of STEPHEN their son w/dtl October 21st 1810 /a.23 yrs./ Also of ELLEN their daughter and wife of JOHN HATTERSLEY wd Oct.15th 1862 a.65 yrs / Also of JOSEPH DOWNHAM their son wd / April 15th 1872 a.67 yrs / Also of JESSE DOWNHAM their son wd / March 18th 1883 a.83 yrs/


174 / Chest / 78 1/2 x 40 top, & is 29 high

S/ttmo/ MARY the wife of / JOSHUA YEADON of Plompton / wdtl the / 10th day of July 1828 / a.49 yrs./


175 / H / 35 1/2 Engraved cross at the top centre, fern each side

I/ar/o/ JOHN YEADON of Arthington Nunnery / wd Octer. the first 1863 /a.89 yrs/ Also of MARY relict ota JOHN YEADON / wd Decr. the 31st 1869 / a.86 yrs./ W.MASTON, Otley


176 / Chest / 78 1/4 x 41 top, & is 28 high; small crown((?)), cherub & wings.

I/mo/ ANN PETTY daughter of JOHN / and ANN PETTY late of Fewston / wdtl 12th / day of July 1829 a.14 yrs./ Remember friends as you pass by / as you are now so once was I as / I am now so you must be prepare / your selves to follow me./


177 / H / 38 3/4

S/ttmo / RACHEL DOVE / daughter of JOSEPH and SARAH / DOVE of Norwood wd/tl February 4th 1854 / a.19 yrs/ Christ is my salvation, and heaven / is my home./


178 / H / 38 1/2

S/ttmo / THOMAS MASON of Fewston / wd much respected / Octr.2nd 1852 a.60yrs./ Also of JOHN son of the above / named wd in his infancy/. Also of WILLIAM son ot/an THOMAS MASON / wd Octr.1st 1839 / a.3 yrs./ Also of MARTHA MASON wife of / tan THOMAS MASON /wd May 21st 1873 / a.79 yrs./ Also ANN wife of THOMAS STEEL and / daughter ota THOMAS and /MARTHA MASON wd Jany.12th 1866/ a.41 yrs./


179 / H / 32

I/ar/o EDWIN MASON / of Cattal Station / wd Decr.((29?)) ((1877)) a.((4))7 yrs./ Also / MARTHA HANNAH MASON / daughter ota/ wd A((pri))l 21st 187((7)) / a.2((6)) yrs./


180 / H / 36

Imo/ ABRAHAM BARRETT / of Walton Head in the parish of / Kirkbyoverblow wd/tl June 1st 1833 in the 73rd/yr of his age/. Also of SARAH daughter ota/ and wife of JAMES PROCTER of Snowden / wd October 26th 1885 /a.64 yrs / She hath done what she could.


181 / H / 36

Imo / WILLIAM MARJERISON / of Norwood wd/tl the 8th day of February / 1842 a.60 yrs./ Also ANN wife ota/n WILLIAM MARJERISON / wdtl the 28th / day of December 1844 / a.67 yrs./


182 / H / 35 1/2

S/ttmo/ WILLIAM TURNER junr. late of / Bramelane Norwood wd/ the 4th day of September 1839/a.46 yrs./ He died in the faith of the Gospel./ Also of HANNAH wife ot/an WILLIAM TURNER / wdtl / Jany.4th 1854 a.56 yrs./


183 / H / 27 1/2 around the curved top is:- Vivit Post Funera Virtus/

Iaro / SARAH / wife of JAMES WOOD of / Norwood / wd February 2-((29)) 1876 / a. ((50 or 30))yrs./ Also of / JAMES WOOD / husband otafsd/ of ((Norwood)) / wd ((May)) 11th 1((8))( )2 / a.7-((70)) yrs./ ((Also of)) / JOHN ((son)) ( ) WOOD / of ((Norwood))/ who ((died)) ( ) ((10th)) 1882 / a.((9 months))./


184 / H / 40

Imo/ WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER / son of WILLIAM and SARAH HARPER / of Hardisty-Hill wd June 11th/1836 a.4 yrs./


185 / H / 30 1/4 Has sculptured leaves and shield

I/a/ro/ EMMA / daughter of MARIA / PETTY of Fewston w/d 6th March 1862 / a.1 yr & 10 months./ Go little loved one go / A Mothers heart can tell / And none but hers can / fully know / How hard to say farewell./ This lovely bud so young & fair / Call'd hence by early doom / Just came to show how sweet / a flower / In Parradice would bloom./


186 / H / 24 1/2

Imo / JOHN WILLIAM PETTY / son of JEROME and JANE / PETTY of Fewston. He died / May 11th 1877 a.11 months./


187 / Chest / 78 1/2 x 39 1/2 top, & is 29 1/2 high

Top face :- "Imo/ ANN daughter of JAMES and MARY WHITEHEAD of Watlin Street House/. She died November 21st 1831 / a.23 yrs./ Also of tan JAMES / WHITEHEAD whose death & age / are inscribed on the adjacent tomb./"

East facing side panel :-"Ihs./ He died for all who ever saw / No help in them nor by the law / I this have seen and gladly own / Salvation is by Christ alone."/


188 / Chest / 76 1/4 x 39 top, & is 32 high

Imo / JAMES WHITEHEAD / of Watlin Street House / wd March 2nd 1837 / a.55yrs/. Also of MARY wife of / tan JAMES / WHITEHEAD wd Jany./ 4th 1858 a.76 yrs./


189 / H / 38 3/4

Imo / SIMEON MOORHOUSE of Gillbottom / wdtl March 5th / 1826 a.70 yrs /. Also of MARY wife ota/n wdtl / March 1st 1826 a.55 yrs./


190 / Obelisk / Grey granite / 18 x 108 high, shrouded urn on the top.

East Facing:- "Ilmo / JOHN BRAMLEY / of East End, Norwood / born April 5th 1817 / died Novr.16th 1889 /. Also of MARY /wife ota/ born June 6th 1812 / died May 9th 1887./ I know that my redeemer liveth./"

South facing:- "Sttmo / JOHN MOORHOUSE / of Swinsty Hall / born Sept. 16th 1804 / died June 3rd 1887 / Also of HANNAH / sister ota / born Octr.9th 1807 / died Decr.2nd 1879 / The memory of the just is blessed."/


191 / H / 40 1/2 Curtain & drapes to the sides

S/ttmo / JOHN WHITAKER late of Braim-Lane / wdtl January 4th / 1847 a.74 yrs./ Also JOHN COLLIT CRAVEN grand-/son of JOHN & MARY WHITAKER who / who died April 10th 1855 a.30 yrs./ Also JOSEPHUS WHITAKER son of J.C./CRAVEN wd in infancy./ Also ELIZABETH HARDY the daughter / of JOHN & MARY WHITAKER & the beloved / wife of JOSEPH HARDY of Otley w/d Feby.2nd 1856 a.58 yrs./


192 / H / 40 1/4 Top centre has basket of fruit, with maize cob (?)

Sic Transit Vita / S / ttmo / MARY wife of JOHN WHITAKER / of Brame Lane, farmer w/dtl on the 14th / of April 1834 a.65 yrs/. Also HANNAH wife of JOHN / CRAVEN of Havera Park, farmer / and daughter of tan / MARY WHITAKER wd/tl on the 13th of April / 1835 a.39 yrs./ Also MARY daughter of the / afsd JOHN and HANNAH / CRAVEN wdtl / Decr.9th 1848 a.21 yrs./


193 / H / 33 1/2

Iaro / JOHN HOBSON / of Norwood / wd February 2nd 1890 / a.48 ((?48)) yrs/ Also three of his children / ALLAN died June 21st 1874 a.((3)) yrs / ARTHUR died June 21st 1874 / a.1 month./ JESSE d((ied)) ((Jany.24th)) 1879 a.( ) y((ears))./


194 / Chest / 39 3/4 x 80 1/4 top, & is 30 high

I/a/r/o JOHN TURNER LINTON / son and only child / of THOMAS and HANNAH / LINTON of Otley / wd June 5th 1854 / in the 12th yr of his / age, to the unspeakable / grief of his / disconsolate parents /. But blessed are the dead / which die in the Lord./ Also / tan HANNAH LINTON / wd March 4th 1877 / a.64 yrs./


195 / H / 40 1/2

Erected / imo ROBERT the beloved / son of JONATHAN & MARY JACKSON / of Haverah-Park wd the 23rd / day of November 1848 a.9 months./


196 / H / 37 1/2

S/ttmo/ JOHN TURNER of Braim-Lane / wd April 18th 1851 / a.73 yrs./ Also CHRISTIANA wife of t/an. She died May 21st / 1852 a.64 yrs./ Also JOHN TURNER son o/tan JOHN and / CHRA. TURNER wd / July 1st 1831 a.21 yrs./


197 / H / 36 3/4 At the top in a spray is in small letter, JEROME PETTY.

Ia/ro the late / MARY ANN wife of PETER PATRICK of / Brame-lane, Norwood wd / April 17th 1857 / a.43 yrs./ Likewise CHRISTIANA PATRICK / daughter ota wd / August 17th 1859 / a.16 yrs./ Weep not for me my Friend most dear / You all must shortly meet me here / When I had reached my youthfull bloom / Then Death consigned me to the tomb./ Also of tan / PETER PATRICK / wd July 13th 1886 / a.79 yrs./ ((JEROME PETTY))


198 / H / 25 1/2 Top centre has deep sculptured Ihs.

Imo / WILLIAM son of PETER and MARY ANN / PATRICK of Norwood / wd June 20th 1873 / a.27 yrs / Also / ELLEN PATRICK / sister ota / wd Dec.15th 1868 / a.15yrs/. D.PETTY.


199 / H / 28 3/4 Sculptured at the top is a life-size hand holding a ribbon, & forefinger pointing skywards; ribbon has on it "Meet me there". Also flowers around it.

Iar/o/ DANIEL TURNER / of Norwood /wd May 7th 1884 / a.58 yrs/ Thy purpose, Lord, we cannot see / But all is well tha't done by thee./ HOLLINGS, Otley.


200 / H / 25 1/2 Between first and second line is a small cross

Imo SARAH MARSDEN / wd Nov.20/1836 a.36 yrs / & also her husband CHRISTOPHER / MARSDEN wd Dec.10 1865 / a.70 yrs./

201 / H / 36 1/4 Has oak branch with acorns at the top centre

S/ttmo/ ANN wife of JOSEPH HOUSEMAN / of Swinsty Hall / wd July 30th 1854 / a.42 yrs./ Also of ROBERT son otan / wd April 22nd 1853 / a.16 yrs/.


202 / H / 35 1/2

Iar/o/ HANNAH / daughter of / FRANCIS and ANN / SIMPSON of Norwood / wd Feb.2nd 1866 / a.23 yrs/ Blessed are the dead which / Die in the Lord/. Also of tan / FRANCIS SIMPSON / wd Nov.28th 1885 / a.69 yrs / Be ye also ready./


203 / H / 31

Im/o/ JOHN GARTH / of Stainburn / wd April 28th 1877 / a.84 yrs./ Also of HANNAH GARTH / wife ota / wd August 31st 1880 / a.86 yrs./


204 / H / 36 3/4

S/t/tmo / ANN / the wife of JOHN HATTERSLEY / of Killinghall / & daughter of JOSHUA and JANE HARDISTY of / Fewston wd April 9th 1860 / a.24 yrs./ It is past she is gone the spirit hath fled./ And we number her now amongst those who are dead./ Her last sigh is breathed her last tear is given / She has gone from this home to a better in heaven./


205 / H / 24 1/2 Has small cross inscribed at the top

I/loving ((mem))ory / o((f)) / HANNAH / the ((beloved daughter)) of / JOHN and ELIZA ((GRANGE)) / of Stainburn who died / ( ) aged ( ) / ( ) / ( ) / ( ) / ( ) / JOSEPH ((and MARY GRANGE ??)) 1861 / WD ( )


206 / H / 37 Top centre has oak branches and acorns

S/ttmo WILLIAM / son of MICHAEL and MARY WOOD of / Timble-Great wd Decr.31st 1854 / a.21 yrs./ As Timothy in Childhood's day / Was taught the word of God / And in his Manhood was engaged / To spread that word abroad;/ So WILLIAM WOOD from early Youth / Both loved and served the God of Truth./ Also of / JOSEPH son ota MICHAEL and / MARY WOOD who perished in a snow / storm February 9th 1861 a.15 yrs./ In the midst of life we are in Death: / Dangers stand thick through all the ground / To push us to the Tomb, / And fierce diseases wait around / To hurry mortal home./ Also of MICHEAL son of the afore-/said MICHAEL & MARY WOOD. He died / Augst.23rd 1871 a.36 yrs / Affectionate & Dutiful to his parents / Faithful & Respectful to his Employers / He was highly Respected by them./


207 / H / 32 1/4

Iar/o JOHN / the beloved son of / MICH((AE))L and MARY WOOD./ of Ti((mble)) wd at ((Sh))ipley / Ja((nuar))y 2-((26th)) 18--((1875)) in t((he)) ((?3))0th ((year)) of ((his age))./ ((there mah have been further inscr.; stone crumbling away.)) APPLETON, Harrogate.


208 / H / 31 Has small engraved cross at the top centre

S/ttmo/ JOSEPH RAMSDEN / of Folly Hall in this parish / wdtl Seper.12th 1866 / a.72 yrs./ Alos of SARAH wife ota / wd Seper.7th 1869 / a.50 yrs/ Be thou faithful unto death / And I will give thee a crown of life./ Also EMMA RAMSDEN / youngest daughter ota / wd June 13th 1875 / a.24 yrs / "Is it well with her and they answered / It is well"/. W.MASTON, Otley.


209 / H / 33 1/4 Alto-bas sculpturing of two flower heads on the top edge; between the first & the plate is an eye, & beneath this are two hands clasped together, (have cuffs).

Friendship Love and Truth / ((now a metal plate, 11 x 8 1/2, on the stone centre.)) :- "Near this place is interred the remains / of EDWARD OWEN of / West-House, Flaxdresser, who depar-/ted this life June 20 1840 / a.45 yrs./ This stone was erected by the Voluntary Subscriptions of the Inhab/itants of this Vicinity as a token of respect & esteem for / the Zeal & disinterestedness with which he gave his Valu/able Services in case of Sickness & distress & to deplore / his loss which will be long and Severely felt./ Jn.PETTY


210 / H / 31 1/4

Iaro / MICHAEL WOOD / of Ti((mble)) ((Gre))at / wd ( ) ((1890)) ((in his 80th)) y((ear of h))is age/. ((Also)) MARY / ((hi))s ((beloved wife)) w((ho d))i((ed)) / ((January)) ( ) / ( ) / ( ) / W((ILLIAM)) W((OOD)) / ( ) / ( ) /


211 / H / 40 1/4

Sic Transit Vita/.Imo / EPHRAIM ELLIS / (yeoman) late of Brownbank / wdtl October / the 22nd 1827 a.49 yrs./ Also of / JOSEPH son otan / EPHRAIM ELLIS / wd the 1st day of April 1840 / a.15 ((?13)) yrs./ Awful Disappointments soon, / Overcloud the Prospect gay; / Soon our Sun goes down at noon, / Torn by Deaths' strong Hand away./ Also ANN wife ota/n EPHRAIM ELLIS wd / April 27th 1865 a.81 yrs./


212 / H / 33 1/4

Im/o/ WILLIAM JEWITT / of Blubberhouse / wdtl July 15th 1859 / in the 80th yr of his age./ Weep not dear friends but dry your tears,/ I must lie here till Christ appears; / And when I hear the trumpet sound,/ I hope with Christ I may be found./ Also of JANE JEWITT wife / of the afsd of / the same place wd Novr./ 17th 1866 a.77 yrs./ My children all I bid farewell / I leave you here behind / O stick you close to Jesus Christ / The Saviour of mankind./


213 / Table / 38 1/4 x 72 1/2 top, & is 26 1/2 high on six legs.

Here / lieth the body of MAREY wife / of JOSEPH WATSON of Norwood / wdtl the / 15th June 1794 a.63./ Longtime she bore afflictions sore / Physicians were in vain till God / did please by Death to ease and set her free from pain./ Likewise the Remains of GRASE / the Second Wife of JOSEPH WATSON / of Brown Bank in the Town Ship / of Norwood who departed th((i))s / life the 9th day of October 180((3)) / in the 63rd yr of her age./ Near this place lieth intered the / Remains of the late JOSEPH WATSON / husband otan MARY / and GRACE who d((e))parted this life / the 23rd day of November 1812 in / the 74th yr of his age./


214 / H / Granite / 27 1/2 The top is gabled; short columns each side

I/lm/o WILLIAM JEWITT / of Blubberhouses / born June 30th 1821 / died Decr.31st 1886/. Also of JANE JEWITT / wife ota / born March 20th 1839 / died July 18th 1888./


215 / H / 36 Has drapes & curtains to the sides

S/ttmo/ SARAH COWGILL of Meagill / wife of WILLIAM COWGILL / recorded on the adjoining / stone wdt/l May 7th 1850./ a.56 yrs./ Also ANN daughter ota/n and wife of JOHN TURNER / THACKWRAY of Hardisty Hill, Fewston / wd Sepr.13th 1873 / a.40 yrs./


216 / H / 35 3/4 Has curtains & drapes to the sides

S/ttmo/ WILLIAM COWGILL / of Meagill, millright / and formerly of Leeds / wd November 18th / 1851 a.59 yrs./


217 / H / 35

Erected /ttmo/ JOHN KENDALL / of Norwood / wd May 20th 1859 / a.80 yrs/ Also ANN KENDALL wife / ota wd/tl the 10th day of June / 1865 / a.78 yrs/.


218 / H / 37 1/2 Total erosion expect for below inscr.. May be early 19c.

In Mem((ory)) of / ( )


219 / Chest / 71 3/4 x 36 3/4 top, & is 32 1/2 high; Has a slight recess at the centre of the top & remains of fasteners of a metal plate.

Imo / JANE PETTY of Snowden w/d Jany.12th 1813 / a.69 yrs./ Also JOHN PETTY of Fewston / husband otan / wd June 8th 1821 / a.74 yrs./


220 / H / 38 1/2

East facing :- "Sttmo / THOMAS HENSON / of Norwood farmer wd/tl February 24th 1841 / a.80 yrs./"

West facing :- "S/ttmo/ RICHARD son of RICHARD & HANNAH / HENSON of Cookridge wd/tl October 4th 1842/a.21 yrs./"


221 / H / 31

Ia/ro/ HUDSON / son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH / MARSTON of Norwood. He / died April 8th 1869 a./17 yrs./ Also of SAMUEL their / son wd in infancy./ Sudden and painful was the stroke / By which the thread of life was broke / Reader reflect when this you see / The same might happen unto thee./


222 / H / 34 Has curtain and drapes from the top to the sides.

I/ro/ the late WILLIAM PULLAN / of Manor House, Blub-/erhouses wd / March 12th 1848 a./48 yrs./ Also of MARY ANN / daughter ot/a wd/ February 4th 1848 a./7 yrs./ My children ! Live peaceable with / all men in fear of the Lord./ Also of MARY wife of / ta WILIAM PULLAN and / mother of the adjoining children / born Nov.21st.1814/ died Dec.29th 1877./


223 / Chest / 38 1/2 x 76 3/4 top, & is 31 high

Here lieth the Body of / MARY the second wife of WILLIAM / PULLAN of Blubberhouses w/d the 12th day of May 1821 / a.75 yrs./ Also of / JOHN PULLAN of Blubberhouses / wd January 25th 1840 / a.67 yrs./ Also of ANN wife ota/ wd June 8th 1833 / a.60 yrs./ Also three children ot/a JOHN and ANN PULLAN, viz./ JOHN wd April 24th 1813 / a.6 weeks./ ELIZABETH wd April 6th / 1825 a.18 yrs/ MARY ANN AKERS wd / April 30th 1828 a.31 yrs/.


224 / H / 36 1/2

Imo / CRISPIN DALE / of Norwood wd April 29th 1860 / a.24 yrs./


225 / Chest / 32 x 66 3/4 top, & is 25 high

Here lieth the Body of / TIMOTHY PULLAN of Blubber/houses wdt/l the 30th of January in / the 63rd yr of his age / A.D. 1754 / also / JANE the wife of / WILLIAM PULLAN w/dtl the / 5th day of September / 1780a.48 yrs./ Likewise the Remains of / WILLIAM PULLAN of Blubber/houses husband ota/n JANE PULLAN wd/tl the 16th day of April / 1800 a.66 yrs/.

Metal plate east end :- "Also MARY daughter to the above WM. & JANE / PULLAN wdtl Mar. 27th 1815 a.54 / yrs./


226 / H / 35 1/4 Has curtains and drapes top to the sides

Iro the / beloved / sons and daughter / of / WILLIAM and MARY PULLAN / of Blubberhouses/. Repositus Reconditus / Viz./ MARY ANN PULLAN / born Feby.20th 1841 died Feby.4th/ 1848 /. JOHN PULLAN / born July 21st 1842 died Aprl.13th 1863./ JANE ELIZA PULLAN / born June 30th 1844 died June 10th 1861 / WILLIAM KENDALL PULLAN / born Sep.10th 1846 died May 16th 1872./


227 / H / 35 1/4 Has cherub face with wings at the top centre.

Im/o/ SUSANNAH WARD wife of / JONATHAN WARD of Hardisty / Hill wd the 2nd day of / January 1831 a.71 yrs / Also JONATHAN WARD husband / otan wd / the 25th day of July 1834 / a.80 yrs./


228 / H / 35 1/2

Ia/r/o MARY the wife / of MARK DEMAINE of Leeds / wdtl Feby./11th 1856 a.37 yrs./ As daughter as wife as mother / She was Example for imitation / She has left behind her few to / Equal and none to surpass her / Exemplary life./ Also two of their children / wd in infancy./


229 / H / 40 Has curtains & drapes from the top to the sides

This stone / records the death of thre/ children, sons and daughters of SAMUEL & / GRACE NEWBOLD of / Bradford / Viz: JAMES died Jany.2nd 1850 / a.4 yrs and 6 months./ WILLIAM died May 24th 1851 / a.9 yrs and 9 months./ SARAH died September 4th 1852 / wd in infancy./ I see you in your beauty / With your wavering hair at rest,/ And your busy little fingers / Folded lightly on your breast, / But your merry dance is over / And the mirror that reflected there / Now tells that three are gone/. Also of SAMUEL NEWBOULD / father ota children / wd Octr.30th 1867 a./ 55 yrs./ The above named GRACE d/tl Decr.1st 1881 a.71 yrs./ J.PETTY


230 / Chest / 38 x 76 1/2 top, & is 30 1/2 high

Here lieth the Body of / WILLIAM HARDISTY of / Hardisty Hill wd/tl the 18th day of / December Anno Domi 1775 / in the 52nd yr of his age./ Near this place lieth the / Bodys of three WILLIAM / and JOSEPH sons of / WILLIAM and MARY / HARDISTY of HARDISTY / Hill, Anno Domini 1778./ Also the remains of MARY / HARDISTY wife otan / WILIAM HARDISTY wd/tl the 13th day of October / 1809 a.82 yrs./ Go home dear friends and shed no tears / We all must go when Christ appears,/ And at his call we hope to have / A joyful rising from the grave/.


231 / H / 28 1/2

Iaro / THOMAS / the beloved son of / WILLIAM & ELIZABETH KENDALL / of Snowden / wd Decer.17th 1874 / a.28 yrs./ Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord./ Also ELIZABETH KENDALL / mother otan / THOMAS wdt/l December 4th 1880 / a.62 yrs./ G.PALEY, Otley


232 / H / 29 1/2 Tapes & has short granite pillars at each side. Ihs in a wreath.

Iaro / Ihs / FRANK THACKWRAY / of Blubberhouse / who ((di))ed March ((5)) ((18))74 a.29 yrs./ Weep not my partner and dear friends / For I to you was only lent / In love we lived in peace I died / You asked my life but twas denied./ J.HORNER,/ Skiptn


233 / H / 35 Has curtains & drapes from top to the sides

I/ar/o/ JOHN THACKWRAY / late of Hardisty Hill, Few-/ston wd March 6th / 1866 a.63 yrs./ Also / of MARY relict / ota JOHN THACKWRAY / wd July 13th 1880/a.77 yrs./


234 / H / 37 Has shell centre top; very ornamental word- 'sacred'

S/ttmo JOHNATHAN the son of / WILLIAM and ELIZABETH GILL of Hardisty hill / wd the 19th of March 1820 in infancy./ "Death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them / that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's / transgression." Paul. / Also of ELIZABETH wife / of WILLIAM GILL & mother / otan w/dtl April 1st / 1853 a.72 yrs./ Also of NELSON GILL son of / tan WILLIAM / and ELIZABETH GILL w/d January 31st 1854 / a.27 yrs./ Likewise of WILLIAM husband / to tan ELIZABETH / GILL wd Feby.8th 1857 / a.74 yrs./


235 / H / 26 1/2

He giveth his beloved sleep./ Sttmo / JAMES LISTER / of Timble Great / wd August 17th 1885 / a.47 yrs./ Also four children ota/n JAMES and ANN LISTER./ HUGH born March 29th 1868 / died March 30th 1870 / LEVI born Feb.26th 1866 / died April 2nd 1870 / LENA born March 28th 1881 / died June 9th 1882 / LEVI born July 25th 1874 / died March 1st 1883./ D.PETTY


236 / Table / 36 1/2 x 71 1/2 top, & is 15 high; Has three across supports

Here lieth the Body / of HENRY ROBINSON the / elder late of Swinsty w/dtl the 12th / day of February Anno / Domini 1775 in the 60th / yr of his age./ Weep not my friend at my decease / For I with Christ have made my peace / Life is uncertain Death is sure / Sin gave the wound but Christ the cure./


237 / H / 38 3/4 Has shell at the top centre; very ornamental 'sacred'

S/ttmo JOSEPH RIDSDALE of / Blubberhouse wd February the 29th / 1823 a.79 yrs./ Also ELIZABETH his wife, March the / 18th 1813 a.59 yrs./ And WILLIAM their son died February the 30th 1802 a.23 yrs./ Likewise JONATHAN their son died / November the 30th 1816 a.24 yrs./ Also of ROBERT son ota/n JOSEPH and ELIZABETH / RIDSDALE wd April the 4th / 1839 a.58 yrs./


238 / Chest / 43 x 77 3/4 top, & is 45 3/4 high; has carved corner pieces & sixteen half shells around the sides.

On the top:- "S/ttmo/ MICHAEL ROBINSON / late of Otley formerly / of West-House, yeoman, w/d June the 25th 1845 / a.64 yrs/ Also of ANN ROBINSON / wife otan / wdtl / November the 9th 1852 / a.76 yrs./ Also of MARY ROBINSON wife of / JOHN ROBINSON of Fewston wd / April 28th 1849 a.66 yrs./ Also of MARGARET ROBINSON wife / oe ((?of)) THOMAS ROBINSON of High Houses / Fewston, wd June 9th 1849 / a.58 yrs./ Also of JOHN ROBINSON of Fewston / husband ota MARY w/d January 3rd 1865 / a.79 yrs / Also of THOMAS ROBINSON of High / Houses Fewston husband ota/a MARGARET wd August / 17th 1866 a.78 yrs./"

North facing side panel:- "Imo / FRANCES and THOMAS / ROBINSON of Blubberhouses / The((e)) Parents ota/. FRANCES die((d)) Jany.28th ((28?)) 1814 ((1814?)) / a.( ) yrs./ THOMS. ((d))ied January 20th 182- ((1824)) / a.76 yrs./"

South facing panel:- "Also of JOSEPH / ROBINSON of Keighley / wd July 12th 1862 / a.69 yrs / Also of CAROLINA ROBINSON wife of / tan wd October / 13th 1863 a.72 yrs./" JOHN PETYT


239 / Table / 36 1/2 x 73 1/4 top, & is 18 1/2 high; Has four legs. The metal plate, 13 x 10 1/2, at the top west centre is inscribed:-

Imo / SAMUEL STUBBS junr. Late of / Fewston wdtl / the 1st day of July 1811 / a.57 yrs./ Also JANE STUBBS wife ot/a wdtl / the 27th day of March 1798 / a.84 yrs./


240 / H / 31 1/2 Has a crown at the top centre

Imo / JOHN ROLLINSON / of Timble Great / wd August 16th 1875 / a.57 yrs/ Also SQUIRE ROLLINSON / son ota / wd April 23rd 1875 / a.5 yrs and 11 months./ Also of MARY wife ot/an JOHN ROLLINSON / who entered into rest on / February 17th 1892 / a.64 yrs./


241 / H / 36 Has a crown at the top centre

Imo / the late / LEN ROLLINSON / son of JOHN and MARY ROLLINSON / of Timble-Great wd/tl August 17th 1867 in the / fifth yr of his age./ When worn by slowly-rolling years / Or broke by sickness in a day / The fading glory disappears / The short-lived beauties die away./ Also DAN ROLLINSON son / ota wd Nov-/ember 24th 1870 a.13 yrs./ Also ANN ROLLINSON their / daughter wd February / 27th 1874 a.21 yrs./ Also BETSEY ROLLINSON / their daughter wd May / 14th 1874 a.18 yrs./


242 / Table / 42 1/2 x 75 top, & is 27 3/4 high; Four corner supports

Here lieth the body / of JOHN only son of JOHN / and JANE PARKER of High / Hous((e's)) who married / ((E))LI((ZABE))TH daughter of / ((T))HOMAS SKAIFE of Braisty / ((W))ood the 22nd da((y)) of Ma((y)) / ((died)) lamented of all the / 2-((23)) ((of)) D((ece))mber followin((g)) / ((in)) the ((?30 or ?50)) y((ea))r of his age./ Anno Dom. 1--5 (( 1715 or ?1745))./


243 / H / 32 Has ornamental 'Ihs' at the top centre

Imo / the late / MARY LISTER / wife of JOHN LISTER of / Timble-Great wd Marh./ 15th 1868 in the 77 yr / of her age./ Also of JOHN LISTER husband / to the above wd at Burley in / Wharfeda((le)) ((May)) 24th 1881./((aged)) ((65)) ye((ar))s./


244 / Table / 38 x 71 1/2 top, & is 25 high; on six legs; bottom right-hand corner has had a plate, & is 6 3/4 x 4.

Here / lieth the body of CHARITY daugh/ter of JOSEPH and CHARITY SMITHSON / of Gillbottom wdt/l the 20th of July 1761 a.1/ Near this place lieth the body / of JOSHUA wdtl / the 19th of April 1778 a.14./ Also the body of JOSEPH w/dtl the 29th of May / 1778 a.9./ Here lieth the body of JOSEPH / SMITHSON father of the afsd / children wdtl / the 23rd of December 1787 a.69./ CHARITY wife otan / JOSEPH SMITHSON / died April 12th 1802 / a.68 ((?62)) yrs./


245 / H / 37 Has 'sacred' very ornamental

S/tt/m/o/ JAMES / youngest son of JOHN and SARAH / HUTCHINSON of Fewston wd / June 15th 1860 / a.29 yrs/ Also of afsd JOHN / HUTCHINSON of Fewston wd / June 9th 1862 a.66 yrs./


246 / Is a sun-dial; its' 10 square, 44 1/2 high column is on a hexagon base. The dial is metal; there is no gnomon. The south side near the top has the initials:- JE


247 / H / 37 3/4 Has a half shell at the top

Imo / JOSEPH JEFFREY of Timble Great / wdtl March / the 7th 1836 a.78 yrs / So teach us Lord the uncertain sum / Of our short days to mind / That to true wisdom all our hearts / May ever be inclin'd./


248 / H / The plot is 36 wide; the small curved headstone is 14 above the earth; there are curbs. Inscription is :- RJ


249 / Chest / 36 x 73 1/2 top, & is 34 1/2 high

Here lies inter'd / CHRISTOPHER WATSON / late of Mark Lane, London, Merct./ wdtl / the 22nd day of August 1800 / a.56 yrs./ ((A))lso lies inter'd near this place / ((W))ILLI((AM)) ((&)) SARAH WATSON / of this Parish / father and mother ota / CHRISTOPHER WATSON /. WILLIAM WATSON died 20th of May 1786 / a.66 yrs./ SARAH WATSON died 1st of Sepr.1799 / a.78 yrs./ Praise upon Tombs are words but vainly spend / A man's good deeds are his best monument./ Also ESTHER the wife of / THOMAS WATSON of Fewston / wdtl / May 14th 1809 / a.60 yrs/. Likewise tan / THOMAS WATSON son of WILLIAM / and SARAH WATSON wd / November 26th 1825 / a.80 yrs./


250 / Chest / 37 3/4 x 72 1/4 top, & is 32 high

South facing side panel:- "Sttmo the / Revd. JOHN GWYTHER, B.A., 28 yrs Viacr of this parish / wd February 23rd 1873 a.72 yrs/. This tomb is erected in affectionate remembrance of his / ministerial labours by a large number of his parishioners. Phil.1.21./ Also of MARY ANNE died December 10th 1852 a.26 yrs./ Also JOHN died August 13th 1854 a.22 yrs./ Also EDWARD died 1866 a.30 yrs./ The above sons and daughter otafsd JOHN GWYTHER / and EMMA his wife./ Also ESTHER infant daughter of the same JOHN GWYTHER,/ and MARYANN his wife died 1852./


251 / Chest / 42 1/4 x 80 top, & is 35 high; has a crown west top

S/ttmo / HENRY SCOTT of Fewston / wdtl November / 29th 1852 a.57 yrs./ When round my grave come to weep / Think that ye hear me say to all / Upon this tomb no tear must fall-/ God giveth his beloved sleep./ J.PALEY


252 / H / 31 1/2

Here / lies inter'd WILLIAM / SCOTT, Junr. Late of Fewston / wdtl March / 16th 1813 a.29 yrs./ Also WILLIAM SCOTT father / ota wdt/l November 26th 1815 / a.59./ Also SARAH wife of WM./SCOTT senr. wd July / 19th 1821 a.61 yrs./


253 / H / 33

Ilmo / SARAH ANN / the beloved wi((fe)) ((of)) THOMA((S)) RYDER / ((of Fewston))/ who d((ied May)) ( ) ((1891)) / ((aged 70 yrs.)) / Also ((of)) ((the abo))ve/ THOMAS RYDER / wd ((December)) ( ) 18--((1899)) / in his ( )((8)) yr./ and was ((buried)) at Otley./r.i.p./ J.PETTY


254 / H / 34 Has ropes & leaves at each corner

Iaro / HARRIET WARD / of Harrogate / wdtl / July 16th 1865 / a.69 yrs./ Also JOSEPH WARD husband / to the above wd Decr./20th 1872 a.80 yrs / Also JOHN WARD son ot/an wd May 23rd / 1866 a.42 yrs./


255 / H / 36 1/2

Imo / JAMES WHITAKER / of Snowden in the Parish of Weston / he died Febuary 15th 1837 / a.68 yrs./


256 / H / 32

Here / lie the remains of JOHN HUDSON / of / Upper-Crag wdt/l the 14th day of Decr. 1805 / a.68 yrs./ Also MARGARET wife ot/an JOHN wd/tl the 2nd day of / Febry.1817 a.73 yrs./ Likewise of MARY daughter / otan JOHN and / MARGARET his wife w/dtl the 4th day / of Febry. 1817 a.40 yrs./


257 / Chest / 40 3/4 x 81 top, & is 32 high

S/ttmo / the Revd.CHR.RAMSHAW / upwards of 53 yrs Vicar of / this Parish. He died much / respected and lamented Sept.8th / 1843 a.82 yrs./ Also of ELIZAEBTH relict of / tan Revd.C./RAMSHAW. She died Augt.29 / 1850 a.68 yrs./


258 / H / 39 Has curtains & drapes

Near this stone / are deposited the remains of / MARY / daur. Of Revd. CHR. & ELIZABETH RAMSHAW / She died March 14th 1828 / a.23 yrs / They who best knew her worth / dedicate this humble Memorial./ Also the remains of / HENRY / son of Revd. CHR. & ELIZABETH RAMSHAW / he died March 8th 1830 / a.12 yrs./ Also the remains of JANE / wife of JAMES ROBINSON & daur./ of Revd.CHR. & ELIZABETH RAMSHAW /. She died May 30th 1840 / a. 32 yrs./ Also the remains of JOHN / son of Revd.CHR. & ELIZABETH RAMSHAW / he died at Groningen in / Holland, August 16th 1843 / a.34 yrs./


259 / H / 40

Imo / ANN / wife of AARON HARDCASTLE / (late of Kirk-Hammerton)/ & daughter of Revd.C./ RAMSHAW, Vicar of Fewston./ She died October 16th 1835 / a.37 yrs./


260 / Cross / Total height is 33; width of cross is 14; a small cross at the centre of first words.

Jesu Mercy / FRANCIS / a sweet babe / fell asleep Sept.26th 1882./


261 / Ledger (or almost) / 25 x 68 1/2 Most of the inscription is extremely difficult to read, even with side lighting & french chalk.

Here / Layeth ye body / of ((Mr.)) JOHN ( ((c?)) ) / WAK((E))FIELD ((of)) / Blandhill who / Dyed April 14th / in ye 74th y((ear)) / of his age / 1737./


262 / Ledger / 27 1/2 x 62 1/2 Is almost buried

Here lieth the body of / ALICE STUBBS who died / the 11th of April 1769 aged / 19 ((D)). Also ANN STUBBS / died the ((18)) September / 1746 a. ((?3 or 5)) yrs./


263 / H / 14 1/2 Look like footstone but no space for a headstone.

W.M. 1842


264 / H / 33 Fallen with only a short piece of H on the base, & a few halves of letters on it.


265 / Ledger / 24 wide, 5 1/4 thick. Part of the top is curved. Has a few indecipherable letters?


266 / H / 33 Stump of headstone only.


267 / Ledger or very low table / 27 1/2 x 71 1/2

Here w((as)) Bu/r((eyed)) the Bo/dy o((f)) ((THOM))A((S)) / W( )((S))( ) ((y))o((r))t / ((11 or H?)) ((March)) ( ? ) ((t))he / 13 a((nno)) d((o))m / ( ? )

H((ere)) ((lies)) ((ye body)) / ((of)) T( )wi ( ? ) / ((and)) ((orth or ?William)) ( ) th ( ? ) / M((ays)) ( ) / ( ) / of his ((age)) ((ann)) dom / 174- ((1742)) /


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