Peculiar Court of the Honor of Knaresborough, Online Listing of Original Documents 1640 - 1858

The Parish of Fewston came under the jurisdiction of the Peculiar Probate Court of the Honor of Knaresborough until Civil Courts took over in 1858. The original probate files covering the period 1640 - 1858 referred to in the following index are held at Leeds Archives, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar, Leeds, LS7 3AP. Request for photocopies should be directed to them enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope and quoting all details from the index.

Reproduced from the Surtees Society Volume 110 issued for 1912

Description of records / index key : The wills and associated records are arranged in bundles; the earlier bundles are numbered, and the later are lettered. The inventories and bonds, in many instances, are not in the same bundle as the will to which they belong. As far as possible, in the index, the references to the latter are given with that of the will. All reference are printed in dark type. Letters W, A, T, I and B signify, respectively, Will, Administration, Tuition, Inventory, and Bond. The information in brackets is not to be found in the Official Calendars. The reference and date of probate precede the name; the date of the will follows the name. When the inventory and bond are not in the same bundle as the will, the reference is given after the other information. The names of the executors and administrators are added as far as possible.

The index is arranged by surname alphabetically by the first letter A- Z, however this is not the case in every instance of the second letter. All initial letter references should be searched. Example : all 'T' pages should be searched for TAYLOR which many come after TEAL.

The indexed is scanned pages from the original Surtees Society Volume for 1912, I have tried to reduce the size of the files whilst still retaining legibility, but please note each of the images are 120K

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Letter A (1)

Letter A (2)

Letter B (1)

Letter B (2)

Letter B (3)

Letter B (4)

Letters B(5)-C(1)

Letter C (2)

Letters C(3)-D(1)

Letter D(2)

Letters D(3)- F(1)

Letters F(2)- G(1)

Letter G(2)

Letter H (1)

Letter H (2)

Letter H (3)

Letters H(4)-I(1)

Letters I(2)- J(1)

Letters J(2)- K(1)

Letters K(2)- L(1)

Letters L(2)-M(1)

Letter M(2)

Letter M(3)-N(1)

Letters N(2)- P(1)

Letter P (2)

Letters P(3)-R(1)

Letters R(2)-S(1)

Letter S (2)

Letter S (3)

Letter S (4)

Letters S(5)-T (1)

Letter T (2)

Letters T(3)-W(1)

Letter W (2)

Letter W (3)

Letter W(4)

Letters W(5) - Y





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